Foreigners: Events around Slovakia

Tips for performances, exhibitions and other events in the Slovak regions between August 12 and 21, including classical music, concerts, festivals, outdoor, workshop and more.

Musical Festival of Jozef Bednárik from previous years.Musical Festival of Jozef Bednárik from previous years. (Source: Erik Kollarik)

Western Slovakia
Trnava - FESTIVAL: Trnava Organ Days; Starts: the festival is underway and lasts until Sep 11
Modra - FESTIVAL: Music in Modra 2016; Starts: Aug 19 - 21
Piešťany - FESTIVAL: Originality Days; Starts: Aug 20 - 21
Stupava - OUTDOOR: Stupava in Motion; Starts: Aug 21, 18:00
Central Slovakia
Žilina - CONCERT: Vrba and Wetzler Tribute; Starts: Aug 13, 18:00
Brusno - FESTIVAL: Musical Festival of Jozef Bednárik; Starts: Aug 20, 16:00
Banská Bystrica - EXBITION: IQ Landia; Open: Mon - Sun 09:00 - 21:00 until Aug 21
Eastern Slovakia
Košice - OUTDOOR: Beer Grill Chill/ Danceoke; Starts: Aug 14, 21, 17:00 (both Sundays)
Východná - WORKSHOP: Music Moves Bones; Starts: Aug 17 - 21
Prešov - CLASSICAL MUSIC: Opera Gala; Starts: Aug 18, 19:00
Košice - CONCERT: Michel Sajrawy (IL); Starts: Aug 19, 19:00
Prešov - EXHIBITION: Embroidered decorations; Open: until Oct 11
Programme of events in Bratislava can be found here.

Western Slovakia


FESTIVAL: Trnavské organové dni / Trnava Organ Days - This 21st year of the international festival was opened by well-known French virtuoso Fabrice Pitrois. During the whole festival visitors can enjoy an eclectic selection of authors and styles from Baroque to Postmodernism. The programme includes performers such as Helmut Hauskeller (GR) accompanied by organist Stanislav Šurin (SR) on Aug 7 or Geraud Guillemot (FR) on Aug 14. Starts: the festival is underway and lasts until Sep 11; Basilica of St. Nicholas, M. Schneidera-Trnavského 3. Admission: €5. More info:


FESTIVAL: Hudba v Modre 2016/ Music in Modra 2016 - Jazz art and chamber music are elements of the eleventh year of this summer festival Music in Modra. Programme consisting of four concerts includes one of the most significant jazz bands in Slovakia - Nothing But Swing Trio; a concert of pupils and teachers of the Primary Art School, chamber ensemble Moyzes Quartet with Slovak sopranist Eva Šušková, and Berger Trio with Polish saxophonist Ryszard Żolędziewski. Starts: Aug 19 - 21; German Evangelical Church. Admission: voluntary. More info:


FESTIVAL: Dni Originality/ Originality Days + Celia Fest - The first year of this festival, which brings an interesting experimental programme through performances of artists, designers and craftsmen. It will also be possible to buy original artwork, craft products, jewellery from the artists, who will also create their works directly at the festival. The festival is gluten-free friendly. Starts: Aug 20 - 21; Autocamp Lodenica. Admission: from €4. More info:


OUTDOOR: Stupava v pohybe/ Stupava in Motion - Sport enthusiasts can await the first year of a non-traditional city run, where an included discipline is “Paired Running”. Top three running duos will be awarded and for the most creatively dressed pair is prepared a special prize. Track length is 4 km. Starts: Aug 21, 18:00; Square of St. Trinity. Admission: 5 (Login at More info:

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Central Slovakia


CONCERT: Pocta Vrbovi a Wetzlerovi/ Vrba and Wetzler Tribute - The memorial of Vrba Wetzler is a reminder of an incredible escape from a concentration camp and one of the first revelations about what really happened inside. Musica Classica Žilina that occasion performs a classical music concert. Starts: Aug 13, 18:00; New Synagogue. Admission: voluntary. More info:


FESTIVAL: Muzikálový festival Jozefa Bednárika/ Musical Festival of Jozef Bednárik - The ninth year of the musical festival is this time guided by musician Felix Slováček. Headliner of the festival is a well-known member of the Slovak band Elán, Vašo Patejdl, who is focused also on musical and theatre creations. Accompanying programme includes an exhibition of the personal things of Jozef Bednárik, who was a Slovak actor and theatre director. Starts: Aug 20, 16:00. Kúpeľná ½. Admission: from 10. More info:

Banská Bystrica

EXBITION: IQ Landia - This exhibition of science and research can be a lesson and fun experience at the same time. It includes 19 showpieces from the science center. It will be possible for example to see the world under a microscope, try eye illusions and become a scientist or a researcher for a moment. Chemical experiments are planned for Aug 13 at 10:00, 14:00 and 16:00. Open: Mon - Sun 09:00 - 21:00 until Aug 21, Europa SC, Na Troskách 25. Admission: free. More info:

Eastern Slovakia


OUTDOOR: Beer Grill Chill/ Danceoke - Visitors can enjoy a Sunday chillout in the pleasant atmosphere of the Tabačka court. In addition it will be possible to grill your own food on prepared grills. Starts: Aug 14, 21, 17:00 (both Sundays); Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Gorkého 2. Admission: free. More info:


WORKSHOP: Muzička Rozhybkosti/ Music Moves Bones - Visitors can await a workshop of folk music, dance and singing. Programme of the event includes musical groups, competitions, exchange of costumes, outdoor, evening entertainment and other surprises. Starts: Aug 17 - 21; More info: Registration.


CLASSICAL MUSIC: Opera Gala - The final concert of the festival of chamber music - Artis belongs to the opera gala concert. Performers are renowned Slovak opera singers, soloists of Opera from State Theatre Košice: Tatiana Paľovčíková-Paládiová (soprano) and Marián Lukáč (baritone) and they present Slovak songs, famous arias and love duets. They are accompanied by pianist Dagmar Duždová. Starts: Aug 18, 19:00; Orthodox Synagogue. Admission: from  €4. More info:


CONCERT: Michel Sajrawy (IL) - The artist comes from the city, which is a symbol of a fragile, but prolonged coexistence of three great religions and cultures - Nazareth. Its reflected also in his creations, which are a mixture of jazz, rock and world music. The event is held as part of the Summer Music Festival Hevhetia. Starts: Aug 19, 19:00; Kasárne Kulturpark/ Culture Park Barracks, Kukučínova 2. Admission: €5. More info:


EXHIBITION: Vyšívané dekorácie/ Embroidered decorations - Visitors will have the possibility to see colourful embroidered decorations on a sacking cloth called juta made by 88-year-old woman Marta Studená. The exhibition offers the chance to see handicrafts, art and patterns on the 50 pieces of wall decorations accompanied by demonstrations of self-growth plants. Open: until Oct 11; Museum of Ruthenian Culture in Prešov, Masarykova 20. More info:


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