Foreigners: Events in Bratislava

Tips for performances, exhibitions and other events in the capital between August 26 and September 4, including classical music, concerts, market, festivals, trainings and more.

Konshens from JamaicaKonshens from Jamaica (Source: Silvia Turnerová)

Music & Dance
CONCERT: El Moro; Starts: August 27, 18:00
Theatre & Clasical Music
OPEN-AIR CONCERTS: Music competition; Starts: Aug 26
CLASSICAL MUSIC: Concert of four Slovak opera singers; Starts: Aug 29, 20:00
FESTIVAL/ CLASSICAL MUSIC: Convergence 2016; Starts: the festival is underway until Sep 25
TOURISM: Climb on the hill Prosečné; Starts: Aug 26, 5:30
FESTIVAL: Uprising Reggae Festival; Starts: Aug 26 - 27
OUTDOOR: Fencing Tuesdays at the Old Town Hall; Starts: every Tuesday until Aug 30, 18:30, 19:15
OUTDOOR: Cycling trip to the Morava River floodplain; Starts: Sep 1, 9:00
FESTIVAL: Geocaching event; Starts: Sep 2 - 3
MARKET:  Seasonal food and specialities; Starts: Every Saturday from Sep 3 - Oct 1
EXHIBITION: Guild Artefacts in Slovakia; Open: Tue - Sun 10:00 - 18:00 until Jun 30 2017
TRAINING: Zumba in English Every Tuesday; Starts: Sep 13 (or every other Tuesday), 17:50
TRAINING: Pilates in English on Mondays; Starts: Sep 5 (or every other Monday)
TRAINING: Yoga in English on Wednesdays; Starts: Every Wednesday
TRAINING: Belly Dance in English Mondays; Starts: Every Monday
Highlights of the year
STAND-UP COMEDY: Bill Bailey (Black Books) - Limboland; Starts: Sep 28, 20:00
CONCERT: Mireille Mathieu; Starts: Oct 14, 20:00
CONCERT: Jean-Michel Jarre - Electronica Tour 2016; Starts: Nov 9, 20:00
CONCERT: José Carreras; Starts: December 8, 19:30
BALLET: Romeo and Julliet; Starts: Dec 18, 19:00

Music & Dance

CONCERT: El Moro - The group named Ťula bata alias El Moro plays and dances oriental inspired flamenco. Performers are:Igor Papan (violin), Oliver Kováč (guitar), Miro Nikulin (cajón) and Renata Gitana (vocals and dance). They play music from the Mediterranean, the Balkans and other parts of eastern Europe in all-acoustic versions. Starts: August 27, 18:00; Square near Eurovea , Pribinova 8. More info:

Theatre & Clasical Music

OPEN-AIR CONCERTS: Music competition - The sixth year of this competition of authors creations and musicians - Slovenská hudobná liga/ Slovak Music League comes to its final round. The top eight musicians present themselves after seven rounds. The programme of the event includes music workshops and concerts of finalists and guests. Starts: Aug 26,  Aupark Shopping Center. More info:

CLASSICAL MUSIC: Concert of four Slovak opera singers - Gala concert of four Slovak opera singers - Pavol Bršlík (tenorist), Jana Kurucová (mezzosopranist), Štefan Kocán (bassist) and Adriana Kučerová (sopranist) named “Milované piese/ Beloved Songs” presents a selection of this long-term Slovak project of a recording of Slovak music and performing art. Starts: Aug 29, 20:00; new SND building, Pribinova 17. Admission: €69 - €89. More info:


FESTIVAL/ CLASSICAL MUSIC: Konvergencie/ Convergence 2016 - International festival of chamber music comes to Slovakia for the 17th time. Visitors can await classics, genre overlaps, but also film screenings or a children's concert. In addition to the great Slovak musicians it will be possible to see and listen to world-known artists such as Isabelle van Keulen, Ilya Gringolts or Daniel Rowland. Starts: the festival is underway until Sep 25; Various places. Admission: depends on the performance. More info:

TOURISM: Climb on the hill Prosečné - possibililty to get to know another part of Slovak nature and climb to the top of Prosečné in the Chočské vrhy/ Choč Mountains. The tour will start in the Prosiecka dolina/ Prosiec Valley, then tourists will see the waterfall Červené piesky/ Red Sands, plateau of the Svorad or the karst valley Ráztoka. Starts: Aug 26, 5:30, Bus stop Šurany. More info:

FESTIVAL: Uprising Reggae Festival - The ninth year of the festival comes to Slovakia and brings also one of the most significant voices from Jamaica - talented singer Konshens, who is a world-known musician since 2005. Uprising is the biggest Central European festival focused on Reggae. It includes various genres such as reggae, dancehall, ska, latino dubstep and others. Starts: Aug 26 - 27; Zlaté Piesky. Admission: €50 (two-day ticket). More info:

OUTDOOR: Šermiarske utorky v Starej radnici/  Fencing Tuesdays at the Old Town Hall - Entertaining fencing and theatre performances, scenes, martial arts from the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque times, presentation of fencing techniques, show of old weapons and firearms. Performers are Crovus Arma - Havrani/ Ravens - an historic fencing grou[. Before the show will be a short march of musketeers through the city streets. The programme is changing during the season. Starts: every Tuesday until Aug 30, 18:30, 19:15; the Old Town Hall, Radničná street 1. More info:

OUTDOOR: Cycling trip to the Morava River floodplain - The end of summer is the season when the birds start to fly south and on their way reside in places where they can find food or rest. One of those places is also the Morava River floodplain. Starts: Sep1, 9:00. Devínska Nová Ves, at the bus stop Na Hriadkach. Admission: voluntary. More info:

FESTIVAL: Geocaching event - The big festival of geocaching named “GeoAwards 2016” is dedicated to cachers, adults and children, families, pairs or individuals and everyone who prefers an active lifestyle, nature, tourism and “something to find”. Visitors can await rich programme full of sports, exhibitions or children competitions. Starts: Sep 2 - 3. Areal of Divoká Voda/ Wild Water, Bratislava, Čunovo. More info:

MARKET: Seasonal food and specialities - Autumn season of quality food in the market place starts in September. It will be possible to buy seasonal produce grown by farmers and small producers around Bratislava as well as specialities from other countries. programme will be accompanied by a musical programme. Starts: Every Saturday from Sep 3 - Oct 1. Old Market Hall. Admission: free. More info:


EXHIBITION: Guild Artefacts in Slovakia - A selection of three hundred rare objects from the collections and funds of 18 memory institutes from all regions of Slovakia. The exhibition named “Z cehcovej truhlice/ From a Guild Chest” shows Renaissance seals and cups from the 16th to 18th centuries. In addition to various types of dishes, interesting is also a set of guild chests. Open: Tue - Sun 10:00 - 18:00 until Jun 30 2017, Bratislava Castle, 3rd floor. Admission: €7. More info:


TRAINING: Zumba in English Every Tuesday – Not a dance lesson, but rather a party which the organisers call the Zumba dance. Organised by Internationals Bratislava, a non-profit organisation that brings people together from all around the world living or visiting Bratislava, regardless of their cultural origin. Starts: Sep 13 (or every other Tuesday), 17:50; Grosslingova  48, (Primary School of M.R. Štefánik) – second gate on the left. Admission: one-time charge – €4.5. More info:  

TRAINING: Pilates in English on Mondays - Lesson is guided in English and spots are limited so it is necessary to make a reservation in advance via Bringing mats is not necessary. Showers, fruit, tea, water  are free. Starts: Sep 5 (or every other Monday). Fitness Fanatix, Dunajska 23. Admission: €6,5. Motre info:

TRAINING: Yoga in English on Wednesdays - Hatha Yoga sessions every Wednesday are at a beginner level. Reservations and own mats are not necessary. Fruit, water are free. Starts: Every Wednesday. itness Fanatix, Dunajska 23. Admission: €6. Motre info:

TRAINING: Belly Dance in English Mondays -  A beginer&intermediate level of belly dancing, the oldest form of dance, according to many experts, having roots in all ancient cultures from the orient to India to the middle east. Starts: Every Monday. Dom kultúry Nivy/ Culture House Nivy. Admission: €6,5. More info:

Highlights of the year

STAND-UP COMEDY: Bill Bailey (Black Books) - Limboland - The actor and stand-up comedian, important representative of the legendary sitcom Black Books, Bill Bailey will come to Bratislava after a tour in the UK, sold-out performances in Singapore and Hong Kong and a tour in Australia and New Zealand with his new live show Limboland. This time his stand-up comedy will include deep existential themes of modern man. Bill Bailey is described by critics as one of the best and most outstanding comedians today. The performance is held in English language. Starts: Sep 28, 20:00, Department House Istropolis, Trnavské mýto 1, Admission: €29 - €49. More info:

CONCERT: Mireille Mathieu - French chanson singer, an elegant lady who celebrates her 70 anniversary this year, Mireille Mathieu will perform together with her orchestra and she will presents her best songs such as Mon credo, Qu`elle est belle či Mon bel amour d`été. Starts: Oct 14, 20:00. Incheba Incheba Expo Aréna, Viedenská cesta 3. Admission: €39 - €199. More info:

CONCERT: Jean-Michel Jarre - Electronica Tour 2016 - Jean-Michel Jarre will return to the road after six years with the show titled Electronica. First he will play chosen European summer festivals and then he will visit large halls from October. Jean-Michel Jarre holds a number of records listed in the Guinness Book of Records including, for example, his performance for 3.5 million fans in Moscow. Starts: Nov 9, 20:00,Winter Arena of Ondrej Nepela, Odbojárov 9. Admission: from €49. More info:

CONCERT: A Life in Music Tour – Legendary tenor José Carreras stops also in Slovakia during his final world tour. Starts: December 8, 19:30. Ondrej Nepela Ice Stadium, (Slovnaft Arena), Odbojárov 9. Admission: €139-€99. More info:

BALLET: Romeo and Julliet - A romantic story composed by Sergey Prokofiev, inspired by the famous theatre play by Williama Shakespeare will be performed by the world renowned Royal Russian Ballet. The topic of forbidden love has been performed many times as a drama or the ballet, but a musical concept by Prokofiev belongs to the highlights of the ballet creation. This time it is accompanied by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Starts: Dec 18, 19:00; Incheba Expo Arena, Viedenská street 3-7. Admission: from €23. More info:


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