Glossary: Schools need to respond to extremism

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School, illustrative stock photo.School, illustrative stock photo. (Source: Henrich Mišovič)

As well as this special glossary, which relates to the articles Schools need to respond to extremism and Visits to Holocaust sites work but are not enough, you can find more expressions in our Glossary for politics & business or in the List of names of institutions in English and Slovak.

abused – zneužitý adolescence – dospievanie affiliated – pridružený
approach – prístup
assert – presadiť sa
atrocities – zverstvá
attention – pozornosť
brief overview – stručný prehľad
bring – priniesť
civic education – občianska výchova
concentration camp – koncentračný tábor concerns – obavy
consider – zvážiť
considerably – značne
contribute – prispieť
cooperation – spolupráca
curriculum – školská osnova
dictating notes – diktovať poznámky
dissatisfaction – nespokojnosť
emerge – ojaviť sa
engage – angažovať sa
excursion – exkurzia
exit polls – prieskum medzi voličmi po voľbách
expect – očakávať
extremism – extrémizmus
far-right extremists – krajne pravicoví extrémisti
fascism – fašizmus
former – bývalý
grammar school – gymnázium
include – zahrnúť
insufficient – nedostatočný
intensive – intenzívny
involvement – angažovanosť
lack of – nedostatok čoho
measure – opatrenie
memorial site – pamätné miesto
noble purpose – ušľachtilý účel
observer – pozorovateľ
peer group – rovesnícka skupina
pledge – zaviazať sa
prompt – pobádať
radicalization – radikalizácia
receive – obdržať
recommendation – odporúčanie
responsive – citlivý
sceptical – skeptický
secondary school – stredná škola
significant – významný
state of society – stav spoločnosti
stress - zdôrazniť
subject – predmet
supplement – doplnok
support – podpora
suppose – predpokladať
take into account – vziať do úvahy
tendency – tendencia
threat – hrozba
turning point- zlomový bod
vocational school – odborná škola
voter – volič
widespread – rozšírený
xenophobia – xenofóbia

This glossary is published as part of The Spectator College, a programme designed to support the study and teaching of English in Slovakia, as well as to inspire interest in important public issues among young people. The project was created by The Slovak Spectator in cooperation with their exclusive partner – the Leaf Academy.

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