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Glossary: Business with family requires trust

Spectator College provides readers of The Slovak Spectator who are trying to improve their English with glossaries of useful and frequently used words and expressions from stories published as part of the Spectator College as well as in the rest of the newspaper.

Family business, illustrative stock photo.(Source: Gabriel Kuchta)

As well as this special glossary, which relates to the articles Business with family requires trust and Saša Miklášová: Family businesses are doing fine, you can find more expressions in our Glossary for politics & business or in the List of names of institutions in English and Slovak.

advantage – výhoda
basement – suterén
bond – väzba
bureaucracy – byrokracia
component – súčasť
comprise – zahŕňať
concern – týkať sa
contribute – prispieť
creative – kreatívny
customer need – potreba zákazníka
dedicate – venovať sa
dietary habit – stravovací návyk
disadvantage – nevýhoda
domestic – domáci
entrepreneurship – podnikanie
environment – prostredie
fall – pád
family member – člen rodiny
family tradition – rodinná tradícia
flavour – príchuť
founder – zakladateľ
funeral – pohreb
gain – získať
grandfather – starý otec
handmade – ručne vyrobený
ice lolly – nanuk
industry – priemysel
influence – ovplyvniť
innovative - inovatívny
invisibility – neviditeľnosť
knowledge – vedomosť
legislative anchoring – legislatívne ukotvenie
loan – pôžička
marriage – manželstvo
materialise – zhmotniť
maternity leave – materská dovolenka
mission – poslanie
mutual trust – vzájomná dôvera
natural – prirodzený
nursery – škôlka
part-time – čiastočný
perceive – vnímať
personal life – osobný život
popsicle-making business – biznis na výrobu lízatiek
present – darček
promoter – podporovateľ
proud – hrdý
provide – poskytnúť
rather – radšej
recently – nedávno
reflect – odzrkadliť sa
rename – premenovať
room for business – priestor pre podnikanie
satisfaction – uspokojenie
separate – oddelený
spread – nátierka
substantial part – podstatná časť
support – podpora
thankfully – našťastie
upfront cost – prvotný náklad
wedding – svadba
wide range – široká škála
worry – trápiť sa

This glossary is published as part of The Spectator College is a programme designed to support the study and teaching of English in Slovakia, as well as to inspire interest in important public issues among young people. The project was created by The Slovak Spectator in cooperation with their exclusive partner – the Leaf Academy.

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