Foreigners: Events in Bratislava

Tips for performances and other events in the capital between November 4 and 13, including festivals, concerts, classical music, jazz music, comedy show, guided tour, meeting, book trade fair, exhibitions and more.

International book trade fair Bibliotéka International book trade fair Bibliotéka (Source: Pavol Funtál)

Music & Dance
CONCERT: Slovak formation, Lotz Trio; Starts: Nov 9
CONCERT: Jean-Michel Jarre; Starts: Nov 9, 20:00,Winter Arena of Ondrej Nepela, Odbojárov 9
Theatre & Classical Music
JAZZ MUSIC: Victor Wooten Trio ft. Dennis Chambers & Bob Franceschini; Starts: Nov 5, 19:00
CLASSICAL MUSIC: Slovak Chamber Orchestra; Starts: Nov 9, 19:00
BALLET: Le Corsaire; Starts: Nov 10, 19:00
CLASSICAL MUSIC: String quartet; Starts: Nov 11, 19:00
CINEMA: Japanese Film Festival; Starts: the festival is underway and lasts until Nov 6, 18:00 (every film)
FESTIVAL: Festival of Klezmer music; Starts: Nov 4, 19:00. Nov 7, 19:00
MEETING: Brunch for the pregnant; Starts: Nov 5, 10:00
GUIDED TOUR: Sunday Rest: Dream × Reality; Starts: Nov 6, 16:00
LECTURE: Learn to reduce stress; Starts: Nov 6, 17:00
STORYTELLING: Bedtime Stories for Adults; Starts: Nov 6, 18:00
COMEDY SHOW: Michael Winslow in Bratislava; Starts: Nov 10, 20:00
FESTIVAL: Japanese Cultural Festival; Starts: Nov 11 – 13
EXHIBITION: Watches, jewellery and minerals; Starts: Nov 10 – 13
FAIR: International book trade fair; Starts: Nov 11 – 13
EXHIBITION: A Month of Photography at the Polish Institute; Exhibition opens: Nov 5, 18:00 until the end of November
INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION: Dog show; Starts: Nov 5 - 6, 10:00
TRAINING: Zumba in English Every Tuesday; Starts: Every other Tuesday, 17:50
TRAINING: Yoga in English on Wednesdays; Starts: Every Wednesday, 20:15
TRAINING: Pilates in English on Mondays; Starts: Every other Monday, 20:10
TRAINING: Belly Dance in English Mondays; Starts: Every Monday, 18:00
Highlights of the year
FIGURE-SKATING SHOW: Kings on Ice – Plushenko, Joubert, Sabovčík; Starts: Nov 29, 19:00
CONCERT: José Carreras and his final world tour; Starts: December 8, 19:30
BALLET: Romeo and Julliet by Royal Russian Ballet; Starts: Dec 18, 19:00

Music & Dance

CONCERT: Slovak formation, Lotz Trio – The music band named Lotz Trio performs on replicas of basset horns made by the phenomenal instrument maker, Theodor Lotz from Pressburg and Vienna. The ensemble endeavours to follow up with popular wind harmonias from the 18th century. Performers are the Lotz Trio / Róbert Šebesta, Ronald Šebesta, Sylvester Perschler ‒ contemporary basset horns. Starts: Nov 9; Esterházy Palace, 1st floor, Ľ. Štúra Square 4. Admission: €4. More info:

CONCERT: Jean-Michel Jarre - Electronica Tour 2016 - Jean-Michel Jarre will return to the road after six years with the show titled Electronica. First he will play chosen European summer festivals and then he will visit large halls from October. Jean-Michel Jarre holds a number of records listed in the Guinness Book of Records including, for example, his performance for 3.5 million fans in Moscow. Starts: Nov 9, 20:00,Winter Arena of Ondrej Nepela, Odbojárov 9. Admission: from €49. More info:

Theatre & Classical Music

JAZZ MUSIC: Victor Wooten Trio ft. Dennis Chambers & Bob Franceschini – American jazz funk composer, producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Victor Lemonte Wooten, five times Grammy award winner, presents his new trio, which was created in cooperation with drummer Dennis Chambers and saxophonist Bob Franceschini. Starts: Nov 5, 19:00; Ateliér Babylon, Námestie SNP 14. Admission: from €19. More info:

CLASSICAL MUSIC: Slovak Chamber Orchestra - This concert, is held by Epoché/ The New Slovak Music Festival and includes Works by composers such as Dušan Martinček, Ján Valuch, Zdenko Mikula, Michal Vilec and Ladislav Kupkovič. The concert is led by Ewald Danel (violin). Starts: Nov 9, 19:00; Slovak Philharmonic – Reduta, Square Eugena Suchoňa 1. Admission: €8. More info:

BALLET: Le Corsaire – Adolphe Charles Adam – The ballet, written by Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges, and composed by Adam is a masterpiece of the Romantic era of ballet. This version staged at the Slovak National Theatre is inspired by the version of legendary Marius Petipa and choreographed and directed by Vasily Medvedev. Starts: Nov 10, 19:00; new SND building, Pribinova 17. Admission: €10-€22. Tel: 02/2047-2299;

CLASSICAL MUSIC: String quartet – The International festival of chamber music named Konvergencie/ Convergence presents the American string quartet, the Fine Arts Quartet, which performs works by Franz Schubert and classical music from the 20th century - Witold Lutosławski and Philip Glass. Starts: Nov 11, 19:00; Veľký evanjelický kostol, Panenská ul. Bratislava. Admission: More info:


CINEMA: Japanese Film Festival – Presentation of five current films, which reflect various aspects of Japanese life in fictional form exploring tension, entertainment, the internal life of a little girl and films with historical motifs. Starts: the festival is underway and lasts until Nov 6, 18:00 (every film); Kino Lumiére, Špitálska 4. Admission: free. More info:

MEETING: Brunch for the pregnant – This event dedicated to pregnant women is held in Bratislava for the first time. The program of the Saturday Brunch for Moms-to-be in English includes a lecture from a professional lactation consultant on breastfeeding, a handmade workshop, a presentation and photo session from a studio specializing in pregnancy and newborn photography and more. Starts: Nov 5, 10:00; Medicka Garden - Cafe Domček Medicka. Admission: €15 per person. More info:

FESTIVAL: The 13th year of the KlezMORE Festival is performed by the famous domestic band Preßburger Klezmer Band, but also showcases two significant international projects – The Timna Brauer & Elias Meiri Ensemble and eight klezmer musicians on the stage as part of the Semer Ensemble. Starts: Nov 4, 19:00. Nov 7, 19:00; Ateliér Babylon, Kostol cirkvi bratskej . Admission: €12/ concert. More info:

GUIDED TOUR: Sunday Rest: Dream × Reality - The exhibition Dream × Reality | Art & Propaganda 1939 – 1945, maps various visual aspects of the Slovak State, which is one of the most controversial chapters of modern Slovak history. Lecturer Miroslava Urbanová will present the paradoxes of artistic operations at the time, the issue of propaganda, and other topics of the exhibition through various types of art media. Starts: Nov 6, 16:00; Esterházy Palace – 2 nd floor, Námestie Ľ. Štúra 4. Admission: free. More info:

LECTURE: Learn to reduce stress – A free meditation conference offers its visitors an opportunity to learn how to reduce stress. This session is a practical guided relaxation & meditation exercise. Starts: Nov 6, 17:00; Crowne Plaza Hotel, Hodžovo Square 568/2. More info:

STORYTELLING: Bedtime Stories for Adults - This is an all-genre, one-of-a-kind story arts event for grown ups where the stories are told in many different forms and styles. The program includes performing artists (storytellers, entertainers, actors, musicians, artists, etc.) who come from various countries and backgrounds. If visitors arrive dressed in their pyjamas, they will get 10% off on their drinks. Starts: Nov 6, 18:00; Satori Stage, Mickiewiczova 9. Admission: €8. More info:

COMEDY SHOW: Michael Winslow – the Popular US comedian (Police Academy, Space Balls, Gremlins) will perform in Bratislava, bringing his show full of sound imitations, music, storytelling, and even a special version of the final battle scene from Star Wars. The show takes place in English, without interpretation. Starts: Nov 10, 20:00. Admission: €24-€44. More info:

FESTIVAL: Japanese Cultural Festival - Nipponfest is a festival focused on Japanese culture and pop-culture, which may interest not only its fans, but also those who don't know it very well. Its mission is to contribute to raising awareness of Japan as a country, but also to understand its culture and traditions. Starts: Nov 11 – 13; House of Culture - Zrkadlový háj. More info:


EXHIBITION: Watches, jewellery and minerals - Two exhibitions are held at the Incheba Expo Arena: The 20th year of the international exhibition named Watches and Jewellery and the 5th exhibition of minerals, precious stones and fossils - Minerlas Bratislava. Visitors can pick up news from the jewellery industry and also about jewellery making, its materials and deisgn. Starts: Nov 10 – 13; Incheba Expo Bratislava, Viedenská cesta 3 – 7. Admission: €5. More info:

FAIR: International book trade fair – Bibliotéka is the only book trade fair in Slovakia, which has a long tradition. This is the 24th year of the trade fair and it is accompanied by an exhibition of education and teaching techniques and a student's book named Pedagogika/ Pedagogy. Starts: Nov 11 – 13; Incheba Expo Bratislava, Viedenská cesta 3 – 7. Admission: €5. More info:

EXHIBITION: A Month of Photography at the Polish Institute - The creation of Polish photographer Anna Bedyńska is dedicated to a common reportage. In her project named White Power she shows the beauty of people who lack pigment. Exhibition opens: Nov 5, 18:00 until the end of November. The Polish Institute, Square SNP 27. More info:

INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION: Dog show - Danube Duo Cacib, the second international dog show and competition for all breeds includes Junior Handling or Pre-Judging and the dogs will be awarded according to the categories, The most beautiful puppy, the most beautiful young dog and others. Starts: Nov 5 - 6, 10:00; Incheba Expo Arena. Admission: €2. More info:


TRAINING: Zumba in English Every Tuesday – Not a dance lesson, but rather a party which the organisers call the Zumba dance. Organised by Internationals Bratislava, a non-profit organisation that brings people together from all around the world living or visiting Bratislava, regardless of their cultural origin. Starts: Every other Tuesday, 17:50; Grosslingova 48, (Primary School of M.R. Štefánik) – second gate on the left. Admission: one-time charge – €4.5. More info:

TRAINING: Yoga in English on Wednesdays - Hatha Yoga sessions every Wednesday, beginner's level. Reservations and own mats are not necessary. Fruit and water are free. Starts: Every Wednesday, 20:15. Fitness Fanatix, Dunajska 23. Admission: €6. More info:

TRAINING: Pilates in English on Mondays - Lesson is guided in English and spots are limited so it is necessary to make a reservation in advance via Bringing mats is not necessary. Showers, fruit, tea, water are free. Starts: Every other Monday, 20:10. Fitness Fanatix, Dunajska 23. Admission: €6,5. Motre info:

TRAINING: Belly Dance in English Mondays - A beginer&intermediate level of belly dancing, the oldest form of dance, according to many experts, having roots in all ancient cultures from the orient to India to the middle east. Starts: Every Monday, 18:00. Dom kultúry Nivy/ Culture House Nivy. Admission: €6,5. More info:

Highlights of the year

FIGURE-SKATING SHOW: Kings on Ice – Russian figure skater and Olympic winner Evgeni Plushenko returns with his show also featuring skaters such as Brian Joubert and Slovak Jozef Sabovčík. Starts: Nov 29, 19:00. Ice Stadium Ondreja Nepelu, Odbojárov 9. Admission: €15-€59. More info:

CONCERT: A Life in Music Tour – Legendary tenor José Carreras stops also in Slovakia during his final world tour. Starts: December 8, 19:30. Ondrej Nepela Ice Stadium, (Slovnaft Arena), Odbojárov 9. Admission: €139-€99. More info:

BALLET: Romeo and Julliet - A romantic story composed by Sergey Prokofiev, inspired by the famous theatre play by Williama Shakespeare will be performed by the world renowned Royal Russian Ballet. The topic of forbidden love has been performed many times as a drama or the ballet, but a musical concept by Prokofiev belongs to the highlights of the ballet creation. This time it is accompanied by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Starts: Dec 18, 19:00; Incheba Expo Arena, Viedenská street 3-7. Admission: from €23. More info:

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