Walking across Slovakia: Day 26

No tents, no sleeping rough, two teenagers and two adults, 900km, 4 rucksacks and some maps, a lot of maps: this is going to be fun.

(Source: John Nicholson)

A long but relatively easy day, mainly along forest roads.

We had been expecting to spend the whole day in the forest. But the trees shown on the map were absent, on holiday I guess. So more spectacular views, due to logging and the unfortunate activities a beetle which is rapidly killing all of the Norway Spruce or Norwegian Spruces – I’m not sure which. Which were accidentally planted in huge monoculture stands. No doubt, a lesson has been learned.

We have been merrily eating blueberries and raspberries for several days now. A fresh fruit extravaganza fit for a king, or a bear – but I won’t go there again. Wherever the forest opened up the fruit grew in huge abundance. Everyone we met had the blue marks of guilt on their fingers and tongues. But a good dose of vitamin something or other never hurt anyone.

Towards the end of the day we got to Skalisko, a big rock outcrop. The weather was beautiful, the rock outcrop promised good views – but at that point in the day we were a little bit beyond caring. Rest, kofola ‘Original’ (if that will help with sponsorship?) and beer were needed for the weary travelers. So we saved the views for the next day – when we would be more appreciative.

The path down to the cottage was well more like a climb down to the cottage. So steep that we slid more than walked. Luckily bottoms are not breakable.

The cottage was great – friendly people waiting for us to arrive. Kofola Original (hint hint), beer and food. This cottage seemed to be another good example of use it or lose it. It stands, situated high above Rožňava deep in the forest – mushrooms, berries (technically raspberries are not berries, from a biological point of view. Neither are strawberries. But bananas are.) and beer. Come on what else could you ask for.

Apparently, Segedínsky Goulash.

Allegedly food. Made from sour cabbage and meat. But being hungry and being served by the cook – every last bit disappeared.

Personal hygiene was assured by a pipe carrying water from a spring above the cottage – fresh!

Distance walked: 30km (554km in total)
Meters climbed: 1,294m (22,506m in total)
Walking time: 10:02 (189:26 in total)

Start point: Palcmanská Maša
End point: Skalisko

General comment:
Another long day – unexpected views.
I have forgotten the flora
We have climbed EXACTLY 11 times the highest peak on route (Ďumbier) – 11 x 2046m = 22,506m

By John Nicholson

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