Charge against Matovič for claims about Fico’s account dropped

Leader of the opposition OľaNO-NOVA movement was charged with libel, as he accused Prime Minister Robert Fico of having a secret account in Belize but the charge has been dropped.

Igor Matovič enjoys the limelight.Igor Matovič enjoys the limelight. (Source: SITA)

Matovič himself informed that the charges of libel against him were dropped on December 14, together with his lawyer Daniel Lipšic, a former MP, the TASR newswire wrote.

“I am glad that the prosecutor mocked this whole politicised trial on 17 pages of excellent work,” Matovič said, according to TASR. “The investigator wrote a kindergarten-type charge, and prosecutor warns him that he acted unlawfully.”

Prosecutor reversed the case

The prosecutor states that the testimonies of Fico and his wife, who was also mentioned by Matovič, are almost identical, which is quite improbable, according to Lipšic. “Minutes recorded in such a way cannot serve as guilt confirmation,” the prosecutor summed up.

The prosecutor deemed the questions of the investigator towards the prime minister as leading, and the launched prosecution as unjustified, adding that Matovič did not present his own opinion but rather the information from an anonymous letter when he stated that the PM and his wife have a shell company in Belize.

The prosecutor is also alleged to have stated that the decline in popularity of the ruling Smer party – chaired by Fico – as allegedly caused by OĽaNO-NOVA chairman’s claim is not examineable, as several factors may have impacted this development.

Lipšic repeated that this case was investigated by Slavomír Laho, who also refused the case of sold CO2 emission quotas and who investigated the embezzlement at the Military Intelligence Service.

Head of the OĽaNO-NOVA caucus Richard Vašečka assured, as cited by TASR, that the movement would not let the case dissolve, and that opposition MPs would initiate an extraordinary session of the parliamentary committee for defence and security. He also opined that the PM used this case to threaten opposition and that Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák, the superior of the investigators, let the police proceed in the case.

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