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Glossary: Watchers expect media freedom to drop

Spectator College provides readers of The Slovak Spectator who are trying to improve their English with glossaries of useful and frequently used words and expressions from stories published as part of the Spectator College as well as in the rest of the newspaper.

Television, illustrative stock photo.(Source: Tomáš Benedikovič)

As well as this special glossary, which relates to the articles Watchers expect media freedom to drop and Celebrations held for public-service broadcaster, you can find more expressions in our Glossary for politics & business or in the List of names of institutions in English and Slovak.

accompany – sprevádzať
appear – objaviť sa
approach – pristupovať
broadcaster – vysielateľ
caution – opatrnosť
circumstance – okolnosť
coalition partner – koaličný partner
commemorate – pripomenúť si
cooperation – spolupráca
court – súd
coverage – krytie
culminate – vrcholiť
defamation – ohováranie
derogatory – hanlivý
description – popis
disinformation – dezinformácie
diversity – rozmanitosť
election broadcast – volebné vysielanie
emerge – objaviť sa
evaluate – ohodnotiť
ever-increasing – stále rastúci
financial shark – finančný žralok
former – bývalý
foul – hanebný
government – vláda
harsh – prísny
hostility – nepriateľstvo
channel – kanál
immense – obrovský
journalist – novinár
jubilee – jubileum
latter – neskorší
launch – zahájiť
law – zákon
licence fee – licenčný poplatok
media freedom – sloboda médií
media landscape – mediálna scéna
milestone – míľnik
news service – spravodajstvo
newspaper – noviny
objective – objektívny
observer – pozorovateľ
ownership – vlastníctvo
penalty – pokuta
penetration – prienik
plurality of views – pluralita názorov
political pressure – politický tlak
private – súkromný
profitable – výnosný
proper – poriadny
prosecute – žalovať
protect – ochrániť
public procurement – verejné obstarávanie
public-service – verejnoprávny
resident – obyvateľ
scare away – vyplašiť
self-censorship – autocenzúra
suspicious – podozrivý
telecast – televízne vysielanie
threat – hrozba
undermining – podkopávanie
watchdog – strážca

This glossary is published as part of The Spectator College, a programme designed to support the study and teaching of English in Slovakia, as well as to inspire interest in important public issues among young people. The project was created by The Slovak Spectator in cooperation with their exclusive partner – the Leaf Academy.

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