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Biggest Slovak online bookseller buys rival

Martinus.sk bought Gorila.sk's book business, its former owners kept the cafés

(Source: Jozef Jakubčo, SME)

The online bookshop Martinus.sk bought its biggest competitor Gorila.sk as well as Czech Arara.cz, wrote the Denník N daily.

Gorila is second biggest online seller of books in Slovakia after Martinus.

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“Web Gorila.sk will continue to work as a separate brand,” said Michal Meško, the head of Martinus.sk for Denník N.

Czech Arara.cz will be merged with web Martinus.cz.

Meško did not reveal the price of the transaction.

The new owner has taken over only the book business of Gorila.sk while Beyond Media, its former owner, will keep its five cafés and continue to focus on gastronomy.

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