Foreigners: Events around Slovakia

Tips for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between September 22 and October 1, including dance, music to suit all tastes, a historic train, one of the oldest marathons in Europe, and lots more.

Cluster Ensembler palying Music with Changing PartsCluster Ensembler palying Music with Changing Parts (Source: Courtes yof CE)

Western Slovakia


CONCERT: Fero Király – Philip Glass: Dances No. 2 & 4 For Solo Electric Organ – After positive feedback for last year’s album, Cluster Ensemble plays Philip Glass, the group around Slovak musicians, Fero Király and Ivan Šiller, have initiated another project: They will play the well-received Music with Changing Parts; but also other less-performed works by the legendary US composer, Philip Glass, some of which will be played at their Slovak premiere. The two pieces to resound in the Nitra Synagogue come from the end of Glass’ minimalistic period, from the end of the 1970s, and are a part of a bigger cycle of five dances: these two are meant for solo electric organ, while the remaining ones are composed for larger orchestras. Starts: Sep 22, 18:00, Nitra Synagogue, Pri Synagóge 3. More info:

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JAZZ: Martin Uherek Quartet – The jazz band around saxophonist Martin Uherek plays various styles as well as “classical” jazz, like swing, bebop, and hardbop. In Trenčín, Uherek will play with Jakub Tököly – piano, Peter Korman – double bass, Pavol Blaho – drums. Starts: Sep 23, 20:00, Galéria Vážka, Mierové Square 19. More info:


JAZZ: Shannon – Brantigan – Rózsa – Valihora - The long-awaited reunion of the schoolmates from the Berklee College of Music, John Shannon (guitar), Dan Brantigan (trumpet), Oskar Rózsa (bass) and Martin Valihora (drums) sees them play pieces from their three projects, Waking Vision, The Dan Brantigan Quartet and Universal Cure, merging jazz with rock and other genres. They re-united at the request of audiences and their feedback after more than seven years. Starts: Sep 25, 19:30; Elektrárňa Piešťany, Staničná 51. Admission: €12 (in advance)-€14. More info:

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CLASSICAL MUSIC: The Slovak Sinfonietta gives a guest performance in Topoľčany, playing Mozart’s Divertimento in F Major, Concerto No 3 in G Major for Violin and Orchetsra, Symphony No 35 in D Major Haffner’s, and Slovak composer Ilja Zeljenka’s Musica Slovaca for Violin and Strings, inspired by Čičmany folk songs. The conductor is Pole, Pawel Przytocki, the solo violinist is Slovak Peter Michalica. Starts: Sep 26, 18:00; House of Social meetings (Spoločenský dom), Ľ: Štúra Square. More info:


CONCERT/MULTI-MEDIA: Premeny harfy /Transformations of the Harp – The multi-media theatre performance Transformations of the Harp is a new project from renowned Slovak harpist Michal Matejčík, directed by Juraj Bielik. The musical monodrama of a harpist and his instrument is a unique audio-visual performance by a top harpist who plays with established orchestras like the RSO Wien, Recreation Graz, the Pacific Music Festival Orchestra in Japan, and the Vienna State Opera; as well as with (in 2011 and 2012) George Michael and (in March 2013) with Depeche Mode, and with Slovak singers Katarína Knechtová and Katarína Koščová. Starts: Sep 29, 19:00, Ján Palárik Theatre, Trojičné Square 2. Admission: €10. More info:

Považská Bystrica/Pružina

HIKING/CONCERT: Strážovské vrcholenie / Strážov Culmination – The end of the tourist and summer/harvest season in the area around Stráživksé vrchy is marked by the fourth year of a weekend event that offers guided tours around the otherwise closed Pružinská Dúpna Jaksyňa cave (from 9:30), a concert by the Wind Quintet of the Elementary Art School (ZUŠ) Považská Bystrica in that cave (11:00) and a barbecue at Kormtanka, near the Priepasť medzi Kačkami site, visits to the Priepasť / Abyss, music, competitions, and more – from 13:30. Starts: Oct 1, Pružinská Dúpna Jaskyňa cave, and Kortmanka. More info, contact: 0905/488028; bohuslav.kortman@speleostrazov.

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Central Slovakia


CONCERT: Swan Bride – Within its autumn Timelines Tour 2017, the Slovak band from Žilina will visit the Czech cities of Prague and Brno, as well as the Slovak cities of Bratislava, Prešov, Ružomberok, Bardejov, Trenčín and Liptovský Mikuláš. They will start the tour in their hometown on September 22, as part of the Žilina Žije / Žilina Lives 2017 festival. Starts: Sep 22, 17:00-23:00; New Synaguogue, J. M. Hurbana 11. More info:

Banská Bystrica

THEATRE/PERFORMANCE: Yaw / Vychýlenie – The combined audio-visual and movement performance of Jato Viňarský, Kristína Chmelíková, Milan Slama, Jakub Pišek (graphic design Jaroslav Scholtz, costumes Pernowka Manufaktura) and the light installation, Festival of Light and Shadow in the fruit garden, try to provoke and confront audiences in a public space with contemporary art and „the otherness“ that can change viewpoint and perception. Starts: Sep 22-23, 19:00; Záhrada CNK, Záhrada – Centre of Independent Culture (CNK) in SNP Square 16 (Beniczkého Passage). More info:

Banská Bystrica

CONCERT: Waking Vision / The Dan Brantigan Quartet / Universal Cure – The long-awaited reunion of shchoolmates from the Berklee College of Music, John Shannon (guitar), Dan Brantigan (trumpet), Oskar Rózsa (bass) and Martin Valihora (drums) sees them play pieces from their three projects, Waking Vision, The Dan Brantigan Quartet and Universal Cure, merging jazz with rock and other genres. Starts: Sep 24, 20:00; Záhrada CNK, Záhrada – Centre of Independent Culture (CNK) in SNP Square 16 (Beniczkého Passage). Admission €13-€15. More info:

Banská Bystrica

OPERA: Ján Cikker – Juro Jánošík – The opera of Slovak composer Cikker about the national hero (Jánošík) as staged by the State Opera, and rehearsed and conducted by Marián Vach, stage by Jaroslav Valek, costumes by Peter Čanecký, directed by Roman Polák. Cast includes Michal Hýrošš, Ján Galla, Slavomír Macák, Patrícia Macák Solotruková, and others. Starts: Sep 27, 18:30; State Opera Banská Bystrica, Národná 11. Admission: €8. Tel: 048/2457-123 or

Banská Bystrica

MODERN DANCE: Yuri Korec - D-Body-M – The Slovak choreographer working abroad, Yuri Korec, created a performance that explores two bodies in one place, one time, two memories, entwined and separated. Dancers are Eva Priečková, Lukáš Bobalik, dramatic advisor Maja Hriešik, music by Matúš Kobolka, Puding Pani Elvisovej, light design by Jozef Miklós, production MimoOs, o.z. & Jakub Turčan. Starts: Sep 27, 19:00; Záhrada CNK, Záhrada – Centre of Independent Culture (CNK) in SNP Square 16 (Beniczkého Passage). Admission: €3-€5. More info:

Banská Bystrica

CONCERT: Korben Dallas – The autumn part of the tour by the Slovak rock band Korben Dallas named Stredovek / Middle Ages takes them to Banská Bystrica, Lučenec, Bratislava, Prague, Kremnica, Trenčín, Martin, Prešov and Trnava and gives them the opportunity to present their new, eponymous album in these cities and towns. Starts: Sep 29, 20:00; Robotnícky dom, Robotnícka 3. Admission: €12 (in advance)-€15. Tickets: More info:


CLASSICAL MUSIC FESTIVAL: Voce Magna – The festival of choir music is holding a competition, for the first time ever. The Slovak Sinfonietta (ŠKO Žilina) will give a special concert as part of this festival, conducted by Štefan Sedlický, with solo soprano Božena Ferancová, and solo bass Peter Mikuláš, the Žilinský miešaný zbor / Žilina Mixed Choir and Cantica Martin, the Stabat Mater for Soprano, Bass, Mixed Choir and Orchestra by Jevgenij Iršai. Starts: Oct 5, 19:00; House of Arts Fatra, Dolný Val 49. Admission: €64-€6. More info:

Eastern Slovakia


BONSAI EXHIBITION: Bonsai Prešov Exhibition 2017 – The international event organised by the Slovak Shohin Association is already the third such event in Prešov, and apart from the beauty of the miniature plants, it also offers lectures on this Japanese traditional art by Lithuanian Kestutis Ptakauskas, Polish Piotr Czerniachowski, Czechs Václav Novák and Milan Kapríšek, Hungarian Sándor Papp and Slovaks René Lempeľ, Milan Roskoš, and Marek Kravec. The guarantor of the event is a Korean member of the global bonsai association, Kim Sae Won. A caligraphy exhibition, a tea ceremony a demonsration and many competitions, creative workshops and games for children and adults are part of the weekend event. Starts: Sep 20-22, 9:00-19:00; PKO Čierny Orol, Hlavná 50. Admission: €1-€2. Tel: 051/77 237 41-2;


CONCERT: Cluster Ensemble: Philip Glass – Music with Changing Parts – The Slovak ensemble with musicians Fero Király and Ivan Šiller will play the iconic compositions of the US musician Philip Glass, after Bardejov and Košice, in Bratislava, Prague, Vienna and three concerts in New York (at the legendary Roulette venue). The Cluster Ensemble play the music of Glass, including pieces which he himself has not played for a long time. Changing Parts is performed with three electric organs, flute, clarinet, saxophone, electric guitar, marimba and VJ-ing, but they also include live video and fragments of a dance performance. Starts: Sep 23, 20:00; Bašta – cuktural-community centre, Na hradbách 94/3. More info:


THEATRE/DANCE: Ondrej Šoth – Charlie Chaplin - The legend of silent movies and slapstick comedies, Charles Spencer Chaplin was an ingenious filmmaker and also script-writer, composer and director. The dance piece of Ondrej Šoth shows him not merely as a funny figure but as a human being who experienced success and fame, as well as persecution, injustice and accusations. It is choreographed by Ondrej Šoth and Marek Šarišský, pantomime cooperation by Juraj Benčík and Vanda Hybnerová, script by Zuzana Mistríková, Ondrej Šoth, film: Vasyl Sevastyanov. Starts: Sep 23, 19:00; State Theatre Košice, Hlavná 58. Admission: €4-€12. More info:; tickets


CONCERT: Sting & Sade – Music of the world-renowned singers/composers/musicians will resound in the famous articular wooden Evangelical church, as performed by Arpi Farkaš & Band (i.e. nine Slovak musicians: Arpi Farkaš – keyboards, Mário „Gapa“ Garbera – saxophone, Andy Belej vocals, Zuzana Oráčová – violin, Marieta Roxerová - vocals, flute, Peter Henriczy - guitar, Adrián Szajkó – double bass, Dušan Zatroch – durms, percussions, and Karmen Pál Baláž - vocals. Starts: Sep 24, 18:00; wooden articular Evangelical church Kežmarok. More info:


CLASSICAL MUSIC: Solamente naturali – The ensemble of early music, Solamente naturali, led by Miloš Valent – with soloists Kristína Chalmovská on cellio, Martina Bernášková on transverse flute and Eduard Wesley on oboe – will play the works of the Czech baroque period: Sinfonia Concertante a 8 by J. D. Zelenka; Concerto in E Minor for Flute and Orchestra by F. Benda; Concerto for Cello and Orchestra in D Minor by J. A. Reichenauer; Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra in F Major by F. X. Richter; and Concerto for Cello and Orchestra in F Major by J A. Gurecký. The concert also marks the opening of the Days of Czech Culture 2017. Starts: Sep 26, 19:00 hod, Evangelical Church. More info:


CLASSICAL MUSIC: Opening concert of the ŠfK’s 49th concert season – The Slovka State Philharmonic Košice (ŠfK) will open their 2017/2018 season with the works of Jozef Grešák (Rotory II pre symfonický orchester), Charles Maria Widor (Symphony No 3 for Organ and Orchestra, op. 69) and Edward Elgar (Enigma variations, op. 36). The ŠfK will be conducted by Robert Jindra, with Christian Schmitt on organ. The evening is also part of the 47th year of the Ivan Sokol Organ Festival. The lecture one hour before the concert will explain the last piece, and how it was created. Starts: Sep 28, 19:00; House of Arts, Moyzesova 66. Admission: €5- €10. Tickets:, More info:


HISTORICAL TRAIN: The Night of Lights – This special event by the Košice Children’s Historical Railway offers lights, acrobatics, fire dance (Traven) and music – from 19:00 until midnight. There will also be buses with free fares to the Čermeľ terminal station near Košice, from Maratón Mieru Square / Nám. maratónu mieru – in front of the Košice Region headquarters, every full hour from 18:55 till 23:45. Starts: Sep 30, 19:00; Čermeľ railway station / Maratón Mieru Square (bus). More info:; 0905/496-426;


MODERN DANCE: Věra Ondrašíková & Team: Guide – The dance/body theatre/audio-visual piece tries to look back at the course of life and explores whether people would change anything if they were able or allowed to do so. Starts: Sep 29, 19:00 (Sep 30, 17:00); big hall Tabačka KulturFabrik, Gorkého 2. Admission: €4-€9. More info:


MARATHON: International Peace Marathon / Medzinárodný Maratón mieru 2017 – The already traditional international marathon in Košice, one of the oldest in Europe, brings not just the run itself (starting on October 1 at 9:00) but also a host of competitions – e.g. for children, inliners, handbikers and wheelchair athletes, a canoeing marathon, a walk with Slovak Matej Tóth, international champion, a half-marathon, a junior relay race, a company U.S. Steel Family Run, and other events for the whole weekend. Starts: Sep 29- Oct 1, 9:00 the marathon itself; various venues (marathon starts in the Main Street). More info:

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