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Gallery offers insight into functions of religious art in English

Gothic and Baroque art pieces will tell the story of the mystical lives of various saints and their significance

The lecturer will be assistant of the Collection of Old Art Barbora Mistríková.(Source: Courtesy of SNG)

Every first Sunday of the month, the Slovak National Gallery organises a guided tour in English, explaining one exhibition, one new acquisition or one aspect of an exhibition.

On November 5, at 16:00 such an event called Sunday Rest offers an insight into the function of religious art, which represents a complex system with various purposes.

“People will discover the original function or purpose of religious art in the Mediaeval and Modern periods,” the SNG informs. “Gothic and Baroque art pieces will tell the story of the mystical lives of various saints and their significance to the observer.”

The lecture will take place on the first floor of the Esterházy Palace in Ľ. Štúra Square which is currently holding this Nestex, or Non-Permanent Exposition. It presents the best pieces of Gothic and Baroque art the SNG holds.

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The intent of this exhibition is to offer an untraditional view of works of art that are frequently presented chronologically. In this case, the curators have chosen an approach that differs from linear, stylistic or art-geographical classifications.

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