Slovak world-renowned photographer Kulisev exhibits in Bratislava

Slovak travel and nature photographer, who has international titles of QEP and FBIPP, talked about the photos at his exhibition, as well as upcoming trips.

Photographer Filip Kulisev with one of his works, the Element.(Source: TASR)

The screening of the movie Amazing Slovakia (Úžasné Slovensko) and the photos from a recent expedition in New Zealand on December 12, as part of the exhibition of Filip Kulisev in the Aupark shopping mall in Bratislava, were attended by the author.

“We presented shots from all over the world, including those made by big drones, a review of my works from the past five years, as well as photos from the backstage as well as funny, not so funny, and dramatic scenes which complete the image of situations in which the photos were made,” Kulisev said, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

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The author seeks unique sites on Earth, and then brings them to all nature lovers in Slovakia and elsewhere through pictures. He strives to contribute to the protection of biodiversity and the natural wealth of the planet through the Amazing Planet project, which includes also the most recent aerial photos of the remote and barely accessible Micronesian Islands, of Greenland, the Tongo Kingdom, Hawaiian Islands and Franz Joseph Land.

“Filip’s work is in itself the main argument why we should protect our country – if not the whole planet – better,” Norbert Kurilla, state secretary of the Environment Ministry said, according to TASR. “His photos really exceed the dimensions given by the frame and progress further, inviting us to more activity,” he noted, adding his personal wish “that Kulisev’s lifelong mission contributes to making people more sensible, evoking more social responsibility in them so that everyone somehow contributes to environmental protection and improvement”.

Kulisev’s books and photographs are in collections of personalities like Pope Francis, Russian President Vladimir Putin, UK’s Prince Charles, Monacan Count Albert, and US actor Pierce Brosnan.

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This year, Filip Kulisev managed to travel around several beautiful places on our planet, taking photos in the Indian Ocean, Africa, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and at the North Pole. New shots were made also on a coral atoll, and he was recently in Mozambique, Zanzibar, and Tanzania, as well as the US states of Texas and Louisiana – where he made an impressive image of an oak alley. “It is a very picturesque site where several films were shot, including the award winning movie 12 Years A Slave,” the photographer comments on one of the shots from the current exhibition.

The traveller who captures beauty from nature on all continents plans to embark on more trips in two weeks. He will welcome the new year in Buenos Aires, moving from there to the Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire) archipelago, to the southernmost town in the world, Ushuaia, and then a polar expedition to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island and Antarctica for January 2018.

The Amazing Planet exhibition in Aupark lasts until December 23.

Filip Kulisev has made it among the top photographers worldwide in natural landscape photos, with almost 200 individual exhibitions both in Slovakia and worldwide. He has published nine books with his pictures and is one of the two photographers in the world who have both titles of Master QEP (Qualified European Professional Photographer) in the Nature category, and Fellowship of the British Institute of Professional Photographers (FBIPP).

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