AquaCity Poprad is a grand centre of wellness

Relaxation awaits in our 13 outdoor and indoor pools. The principles of fire and water will lead you through the world. Thai massage will help you gain self-confidence.

Current views on wellness are the result of ancient human knowledge, and some experts opine it should be ranked among the arts. The cathedral of wellness services located under the tallest peaks of Slovakia will bring truth to this statement. It is hard to compare AquaCity Poprad to anything else; the exceptional showcase of relaxation does not hide its secrets. A trio of local hotels open their gates to you: the Mountain View ****, the Seasons*** and the Riverside*** hotels where you and your children can find cosy refuge. Your hunger for a gastronomic experience can be satisfied in the Restaurant High Tatras and bars in individual parts of the complex.

At AquaCity Poprad, water comes in every form and guests can enjoy true water operetta in 13 outdoor and indoor pools. Environmentally-friendly Blue Sapphire pools will charm all your senses through air massage, beaded beds and seats, water screens and nozzles, light chromotherapy and artificial waves. The Blue Diamond is a true gem of wellness connecting art with relaxation and luxury. This is the perfect place for a girls-only weekend.

Our youngest visitors can explore Treasure Island and relive some beloved sea stories such as the Pirates of the Caribbean and Finding Nemo. Adventure awaits at the outdoor Mayan pyramid, fit with three stainless-steel pools and toboggans, or along the Wild River. Children can even satisfy their curiousity and love for water with the water mushrooms and water hedgehog. If they still have energy left they can endulge their athletic spirit in one of the eight swimming tracks of the 50 metre-long swimming pool.

Each female visitor at AquaCity Poprad can feel like Queen Semiramis for whom the gorgeous, suspended gardens were built. Guest can even discover the art of wellness in our Fire & Water Wellness & Spa which is the size of almost three Sistine Chapels. Here, you will find a private pool, Jacuzzis, 8 saunas and inhalations and many other wellness delights. Fire and ice will boost blood circulation and give every guest an immune system fit for a queen. The individual spa expositions have truly artistic names and wear a thousand different faces of relaxation. Let off steam in the Ceremonial Sauna where a sauna guru will guide you through treatment. In the Paradise of Scents, citrus, floral, herbal and fruit scents will intoxicate your senses. The Emerald Secret offers a eucalyptus sauna.

The salt sauna will bring you to the Himalayas and the infra-red sauna will return you back to the Tatras. If you need to cool down, plunge into an Arctic pool for ice-bears or jump into a simulation of the equator during tropical rainfall. Hide out in the mysterious Lagoon or fall into a deep slumber on one of our waterbeds. And still, the solarium Sun Touch, the Paradise Jacuzzi, the Love Bay and relaxing rooms with bio-hearths will be waiting for you- an oasis of peace and refreshment. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even receive a “natural pedicure” from the Garra Ruffa fish.

For every woman, a massage is a ritual that returns power and self-confidence to the individual, so AquaCity Poprad would like to provide guests with a quality massage. We offer many types of massage including Nuad Thai (traditional Thai massage), Rít Tee (hot herbal massage), Sook Dee (foot massage), Roon Dee (peeling massage), Tok Sen (ancient way massage that concentrates on blood circulation) and Fan Dee (oil massage).

You can find the best wellness centre in Slovakia just under the Tatra peaks. Ladies and families with children will hardly be able to contain their excitement when they discover the rejuvenating and absurdly fun atmosphere of AquaCity Poprad.

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