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UPDATED: Protest planned for Friday was cancelled

The organisers are disappointed by the current situation in politics and are calling for early elections.

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UPDATE: The protest has been cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions in Bratislava on Friday.

People are invited to return to the streets of Bratislava on May 25, responding to the current political situation.

The silent protest will start at 17:00 on SNP Square, organised by the initiatives Hnevám Sa (I Am Angry), V Teniskách (In Trainers), Za Slovensko (For Slovakia), Teraz (Now), and Nedôverujem (I Do Not Trust).

Commenting on the current political situation, the organisers pointed to the decision of President Andrej Kiska not to run in next year’s presidential elections, but to stay in politics, or the refusal to hold early elections. At the same time, the For a Decent Slovakia initiative is not planning new protests for now, while Slovaks are already thinking about their summer holidays instead of the murder of investigative reporter Ján Kuciak.

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“We’ve been trying to get the topic of a referendum to the media and among the most people possible – and succeeded,” the organisers wrote on the website.

Even though many people are supporting the organisers, they failed to sign the petition for early elections.

“We’re disappointed from the whole situation,” the organisers continued, pointing to the fact that some opposition MPs failed to participate in the voting on early elections in the parliament, while others are considering voting with the fascists.

This is also the reason why the protest will be silent.

“The one and last chance for early elections are not protests, but having enough signatures in the petition,” they stressed.

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