Do you know where to find a natural freezer in Slovakia?

Mercury Lake and Bloody Well are located nearby.

(Source: Ján Krošlák, Sme)
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Anyone who is near Banská Bystrica should definitely visit the village of Malachov, which is an ideal place for relaxing in beautiful nature. According to legend, Ortútske (Mercury) Lake and Krvavá studnička (Bloody Well) located nearby are linked to the history of the place connected with the mining of coal and mercury. A miner allegedly died here in the past and his blood mixed with water from a well, My Banska Bystrica wrote.

Whatever the reason for the name, today it is a great place for relaxation. A true rarity is Ľadové diery (Ice Holes) or often called a natural freezer. It is a small forest area under rock Dolná skala near Malachov. It is possible to find icicles and frozen places even at the start of the summer, if the spring is not too hot, My Bystrica wrote.

This special state is caused by a microclimatic anomaly. Frozen air flows into brash under the rock in the winter and it transforms the water into ice. The place is completely protected by rock and forest, so the warm spring air hardly melt the underground ice, My Bystrica wrote.

The ice often disappears at the beginning of June. Therefore it is possible to see green flora with pieces of ice between them, My Bystrica wrote.

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