Poll: Mika leads the fight for Bratislava mayor

But the difference between the first four candidates is small.

The candidates for Bratislava mayor, l-r: Václav Mika, Ján Mrva, Ivo Nesrovnal and Matúš ValloThe candidates for Bratislava mayor, l-r: Václav Mika, Ján Mrva, Ivo Nesrovnal and Matúš Vallo (Source: SITA)
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Anketa už bola ukončená.

Václav Mika, former director of the public-service broadcaster RTVS, has the biggest chance of becoming the new Bratislava mayor. He was supported by 26.7 percent of respondents in the recent Focus poll.

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Incumbent Mayor Ivo Nesrovnal received the second highest number of votes (23.5 percent), followed by architect Matúš Vallo (21.4 percent). Incumbent mayor of the Vajnory borough, Ján Mrva, placed fourth with 20.2 percent, the SITA newswire reported.

Nesrovnal has lost the most votes

The poll, ordered by Vallo’s election team, was carried out between September 19 and 26 on 800 respondents.

Compared with the results of the poll carried out at the turn of June and July 2018, Nesrovnal lost the most votes: about 7 percent. Mika improved his score by slightly more than 3 percent and Vallo by 4 percent, SITA reported.

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Currently, there are 10 candidates for the post of Bratislava mayor. Apart from Mika, Nesrovnal, Vallo and Mrva, the city’s deputy mayor Iveta Plšeková, politician Viktor Béreš, lawyer Jaroslav Brada, organiser of the Coronation Days Miroslav Vetrík, Andrej Trnovec and Roman Ruhig are also running.

The municipal elections will take place on November 10.

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