The people charged with Kuciak’s murder reportedly bought weapons in Hungary

Two Hungarians had been detained and interrogated for several hours, but because the police classified them as witnesses, they were eventually released.

The police operation in Kolárovo (Nitra Region).The police operation in Kolárovo (Nitra Region). (Source: TASR)

A weapon used to kill investigative reporter Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová in February was probably purchased in Hungary. This information comes from the Europol files obtained by the Hungarian news website.

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They also suggest that the Slovak police in this respect are interested in two Hungarian citizens, the Sme daily reported.

As a result, their Hungarian colleagues became involved in the investigation in September and carried out house searches in several Hungarian municipalities on October 25, including Budapest, Kecskemét and Zebegény, Sme wrote.

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Prosecutor’s office is silent

The Slovak police have so far laid charges against four people: Alena Zs., who paid for the murder, Tomáš Sz., who acted as a gunman, Miroslav M., who was a driver and Zoltán A., who was a go-between. All of them are currently in custody.

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Zoltán A. said after his detention that it was actually businessman Marian Kočner who ordered the murder. Kočner is currently in custody due to the charges in another case: the promissory notes issued for the private broadcaster TV Markíza that are said to be false.

The prosecutor’s has not commented on the case yet. The Hungarian police also did not want to provide more details. They only informed that the house searches were related to the international police cooperation, Sme reported.

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The Hungarians were released

According to the media reports, Tomáš Sz. purchased a 9-millimetre calibre weapon from a Hungarian citizen identified as K. L. in the village of Zebegény, close to Štúrovo (Nitra Region), for €3,000. The police have information about their mutual calls.

It is expected that K. L. obtained the weapon from another Hungarian citizen, identified as K. I. R. The latter reportedly called the former at the time Kuciak was murdered.

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Both men had been detained and interrogated for several hours but because the police classified them as witnesses, they were released.

The police searched for weapons, silencers and cartridge adapters.

“It was indicated that these kinds of bullets were found in the victim’s body,” reported.

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