Future fishermen put their skills into practice at Veľké Blahovo

Fishing curriculum enhanced by visit to Veľké Blahovo centre for good practice.

(Source: Monika Kováčová)

The Spojená school in Ivanka pri Dunaji offers as part of its curriculum the study of the art of fishing and river management. This year at the centre for good practice in Veľké Blahovo they have organised for their students to participate in the autumn carp harvest. It was not only a presentation of the school’s work but also of the skills of the students and their use of the right equipment.

“Future fishermen and watercourse keepers can check out their fishing skills twice a year – in the spring and autumn – under the supervision of experienced teachers,” said Bratislava region governor Juraj Droba. The students gain a real picture of what it is to farm fish and they are well-prepared for it in practice, he opined.

The main part of the centre for good practice is a system of three ponds spread over an area of 72 hectares that are mainly for carp breeding but other fish are bred as well.

“The boys and girls can study a three-year course for field fishermen or a four-year course in fishery management,” said Katarína Kubišová, head of the school, adding that water management with an emphasis on the environment should soon enrich their studies.

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