What is it like for foreigners to live and do business in Slovakia?

Listen to the stories of three immigrants and meet the organizations that can help you.

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The Human Rights League, in cooperation with WelcomeToBratislava, have organised an event “Life in Slovakia through the eyes of foreign entrepreneurs,” at which the public will be able to listen to the inspirational personal stories of three foreigners and meet the organizations focused on helping startups and individual entrepreneurs.

During the first part, organizations that support startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses will showcase their activities.

“The Slovak Business Agency will present its services related to counselling, special workshops and membership of a business incubator,” reads the press release.

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Participants will get to know Crowdberry - a platform that connects the private investor club with dynamic business ideas. Beginners and aspiring entrepreneurs will learn about the possibilities of favoured loans from Slovenská sporiteľňa bank as well as the mentoring program of the Mareena civic association.

Personal experience

The second part will be organized in the form of a panel discussion. Hon Chong from Malaysia is an entrepreneur in the field of education, but he also founded a civic association focusing on creative language courses, drama and improvisation courses and organizing artistic events. Abbie Puskailer from England is an artist, illustrator and teacher who runs artistic classes and camps for children. He Nguyen from Vietnam is the owner of two famous restaurants in Bratislava.

What are the main obstacles they encountered in integrating and developing business in their beginnings? How do they perceive local system settings? Have they felt disadvantaged by their status? These questions will also be answered in the discussion.

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The event will be held on Wednesday, December 12, starting at 19:00 at the premises of the Open Gallery at Baštova 5, Bratislava. It will be in English and available free of charge to the general public. It will be accompanied by an exhibition of works by the foreign artists Abbie Puskailer and Ekaterina Grishakova as well as a collection of photographs capturing foreigners living in Bratislava.

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