Challenge yourself, learn and grow in the atmosphere that suits you the best

Company benefits are only one factor an applicant should consider when choosing a company.

You have been a part of Adient´s business centre since its beginning. What are the biggest changes you have observed over the 11 years you have worked for this company when it comes to new hires? Are there any? Are graduates better prepared for their roles when entering the business world?

The situation on the market changed rapidly. When our centre was established, the phenomenon of business centres or centres of excellence was just starting in Bratislava and the rest of Slovakia. Bratislava currently employs about 20, 000 people in this field, a figure that is slowly increasing every year. The positions we filled in the past are still here, but the business is pretty much heading into an era of digitalization and automation. Therefore, a different set of skills is needed to succeed in such an industry. In the past, candidates had to have good finance and accounting skills, along with a willingness to complete transactional activities. Many graduates in the past also struggled with language skills and lacked some PC user skills such as working with emails and preparing presentations in PowerPoint. These skills have greatly improved, which is evident in almost all candidates today. Nowadays, we expect more knowledge of data analytics. People should also be able to stand behind their ideas, reason and negotiate, present the results and discuss whether they are positive or negative, look for a bigger picture and challenge the status quo.

What types of positions does your business centre offer potential candidates?

Our business centre only offered accounting positions in 2007. 11 years later, you can find a variety of jobs here in finance, accounting, taxation, procurement, sales, informational technology, human resources, and more. Broad analytical skills and result orientation are the key requirements for every job offered in the centre.

Are you also hiring students who approach Adient right after high school? Are there any differences between them and university graduates?

Yes, we are. We offer a couple of positions that are suitable for the candidates without university degrees, usually entry-level positions or those that do not require it. We help them complete their studies in the later stage of their career path. Moreover, our company has several internal trainings available for all employees to help them broaden their knowledge and learn new skills. In general, however, if someone is eager to learn and work hard, they have a great chance of success.

Does your company cooperate with universities and schools in general?

We are active in cooperation with students. For example, we organise internships on site and conduct specific lessons at universities, mainly in the field of finance, IT and taxation. Adient is also active in working with high schools; our Technology Centre in Trenčín has excellent authorized programmes for this purpose. We also work with teachers, because they are the key element in forging a connection with students and this will help in the long-run.

Is it possible for a new employee to become a manager in your business centre?

Of course. A vast majority of our current leaders have worked for our company for several years and went through various experiences. Many of us started out in basic roles in the company, but the focus is still on good people. A manager cannot achieve anything without a good team of people working with him.

What is the current structure of the Adient labour force in your business centre?

The structure of our employees is well-balanced, and the team is truly diverse. About 60% of our labour force is composed of women, 40% men, with a total average age of 32. Our average age increases every year, a sign that our employees stay and grow with us. The highest managerial positions in our centre are also held by women, which is something I am particularly proud of. We also see a slow increase of employees of different nationalities. Currently, we employ about 25 different nationalities, and Slovaks, Czechs, Hungarians, Mexicans and Russians are among the most frequently represented. Most of our employees are university graduates, while 15 percent of total number of employees started their career right after finishing high school.

Everyone is usually interested the benefits a company offers to its employees. What does your benefits package look like?

Company benefits are only one factor a person should consider when choosing a specific company to work for. Every company, including Adient, offers a variety of benefits. But the most important thing to look for is work that is motivational and challenging, with the opportunity to learn a lot. You should also choose a company that makes you feel good with a good working environment and atmosphere. The rest will follow.

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