Our acts speak for us!

As part of its social responsibility strategy, Kaufland performs a number of good deeds.

It is not a fine art to talk about good deeds; it is important to do them. Good deeds include helping people in need, motivating your employees to volunteer or protecting the environment. Kaufland realises these acts matter, so it operates responsibly in each area it is involved in.

As part of its social responsibility strategy, Kaufland performs a number of good deeds.In cooperation with the Slovak Red Cross (SČK), the company organised its fifth food collection "We Help with Food" last year. Thanks to this project, more than 11,000 Slovak families in need received 209 tonnes of food. Another major project is the support of SČK's social services on the ground, the aim of which is to extend SČK's transport and nursing services across Slovakia while reducing the social isolation of people in need. Within this project, SČK has already received 10 specially-modified vehicles to improve its transportation service. Kaufland also donated another €20,000 for education of children in children's homes, thanks to the project "Give a smile twice". The company tries to motivate not only its employees but also the general public, which is demonstrated by its "Theatre Blood Drop" (Divadelná kvapka krvi)event.

Theatre Blood Drop Theatre Blood Drop (Source: Kaufland)

Kaufland is aware of the impact of its business on the environment and actively advocates for its protection. By 2025, the company will have reduced the usage of plastic by at least 20 percent in all the countries it operates in and will have ensured 100 percent recyclability of the packaging of its private brand products. By the end of 2019, the company will have removed plastic beverage straws of private brands, disposable plastic dishes and cotton buds.

Kaufland was the first of all retail chains to take its most sold plastic bag off its shelves in 2017. Today, customers can only purchase bags that have been produced with respect to the environment. Kaufland’s textile carry bag, a bag made of PET bottles or other recycled materials, was awarded theBlue Angel certificate.
Starting in 2013, Kaufland began transforming its stores into eco-friendly ones. They are exclusively heated by waste heat from refrigerated shelves. In addition, the company collects, sorts, and recycles materials such as paper, pasteboard, cardboard, foil, wood, polystyrene, portable batteries, biowaste and scrap at its stores..

Through cooperation with more than 200 farmers, who make full use of the natural features of our land, Kaufland can offer freshly grown vegetables and fruits throughout the year as well. In addition, customers can find local products on the shelves of Kaufland stores, as well as Slovak products of the original recipe labelled"From Love to Tradition". Thanks to the cooperation and support of small local producers, not only the regions but also smaller suppliers can grow and develop. From October 2018, Kaufland also offers 100 percent Slovak beef. As a responsible retailer, Kaufland sells organic and certified products, such as products with the EU's bio seal, MSC and FSC certificates, Fairtrade label and many more.

Kaufland has also pledged to reduce sugar, salt and fat content by as much as a fifth in about 300 products of its private brands by 2021. Additionally, it will not offer battery-cage eggs in its stores and will not use them for the production of its own pasta or bakery products.

The company cares about the health of its employees. Thus, Kaufland has introduced Fruity Thursday and encourages the employees to move regularly and relax thanks to the Multisport program. Kaufland offers them regular education and various trainings for their personal development, as well as many other benefits like a sabbatical, loyalty holidays and both financial and non-financial rewards. Grant programs are a novelty at Kaufland and support the company's employees and their families even more. The retailer gives mothers and fathers time off of work both on and after maternal and parental leave. In the spirit of the motto"Our acts speak for us!" (Rozhodujú činy.), Kaufland also encourages its employees to get engaged in different forms of volunteering. For instance, they regularly take part in the "Our City" project.

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