Three Slovak castles tell the story of pretty Katarína

Collect the keys, learn about the history of the castles and win prizes.

Beckov castleBeckov castle (Source: Radovan Stoklasa, TASR)
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Tourists can observe the history of the Beckov, Čachtice and Plavecký castles through the story of pretty but unhappy Katarína. This touristic novelty is under the patronage of the Trenčín and Bratislava regional organisation of tourism.

The three keys for Katarína project is based on true events. It tells the miserable story of young Katarína from the Stibor House who was unlawfully deprived of her manor. When Duke Stibor junior died in 1434, he had only one heiress, 12-year-old Katarína.

He determined three executors of his last will and testament, who were assigned the task of taking care of his family property and his only daughter Katarína until she reached the age of 18.

The money and documents were put into the treasury at Beckov and secured with three locks. Each of the castellans had one to ensure that one can do nothing with the property without an agreement of the other two. Every document had three copies that were saved in the three castles of Beckov, Čachtice and Plavecký castle.

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In 1435, the Bratislava Royal Council was deciding on the last will of Stibor Junior. King Sigmund was absent, so the process was manipulated and the rights of Katarína were doubted.

“Visitors will come to each of the three castles, where they will receive the document of Stibor that mentions women can inherit the property. They will collect three keys from the castellans of three castles. After collecting them, they will send the document to the Čachtice address and at the end of the whole project on September 21, one or several winners will be chosen. They can win various prizes,” said the manager of Beckov castle and initiator of the project Peter Pastier, as quoted by the TASR.

The castles will also be connected during Easter, the holiday of Ss Cyril and Methodius and several other occasions.

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