Even Lonely Planet recommends a summer in Slovakia’s High Tatras

The High Tatras are a unique destination that attract more and more people year after year.

The High Tatras are a unique destination that attract more and more people year after year. Representatives of the Lonely Planet portal have fallen for them too and declared them the TOP travel destination in 2019. Recommended attractions and activities include climbing Mt Gerlachovský štít, gently boating on Štrbské pleso, enjoying the traditional hospitality of alpine chalets, admiring the beautiful waterfalls and alpine meadows, and even watching wild animals, which is offered by several travel agencies. If you want to know what you definitely shouldn’t miss when visiting the Tatras, keep reading.

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One whole encyclopaedia would be needed to describe all the beauties and attractions of the High Tatras. They are known for more than 35 valleys, 31 peaks over 2,500 metres above sea level, and 120 mountain lakes. Over 600 km of marked tourist trails lead to the area’s alpine chalets and mountain summits, and some serve as educational trails.

The High Tatras are ideal for all tourists – from families with children who prefer easy walks, to more active tourists and those who want to get as high as possible. Each tourist trail that is meant for visitors of the Tatra National Park is marked (red, blue, green, yellow).

The smallest high mountains in the world offer not only beautiful nature but also interesting events, various attractions, top-class services and a wide choice of activities that make the time spent in the region unforgettable.

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Romantic Štrbské Pleso

A comfortable chairlift transports visitors to the Chalet at Mt Solisko, which guarantees breath-taking views of the settlement of Štrbské Pleso and a stunning mountain panorama. Carriage rides and boating on the Štrbské pleso mountain lake can be truly magical. Sports fans will love the climbing wall, rope park, bike and electric bike rental, while kids can frolic in the Eagle Land amusement park.

Don’t miss....

On the way from Štrbské Pleso to Starý Smokovec, visitors can stop by a brand-new digital gallery called Poliankovo in the settlement of Tatranská Polianka. The amazing places of our planet are presented via digital simulations, virtual reality, 3D projections, augmented reality, photos and shadow play. The expositions have been created in cooperation with Slovak documentary film-maker Pavol Barabáš.

Historic Starý Smokovec

The oldest of fourteen settlements that the town of Vysoké Tatry is composed of is proud of one of the oldest buildings in the Tatras – Flora Villa, where regular artistic exhibitions are held and Tatra-themed jewels are made. The Alica Villa is the seat of the Museum of Tatra Cinematography, where the permanent exposition of the “Changes of the Tatras” introduces the life, atmosphere and history of the Tatras captured by cameras and video cameras, as well as the mastery of individuals who were active in the field of filmmaking and photography in 1870. The exposition presents the development of photography technology since the late 19th century too. The Association of Mountain Guides is an institution where tourists can book ascents to Tatra peaks with professional guides, and the popular Swiss House features a mini museum of mountain load bearers who help supply alpine chalets. The unique profession is typical for the Tatras and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. That’s why it was put on the list of the intangible cultural heritage of Slovakia in 2018. The history of the Smokovce settlements can be discovered along the educational trail of the same name. A funicular operates from Starý Smokovec to Hrebienok, where a new interactive gallery of light, KVANTARIUM, has been opened. If offers various multimedia shows, interactive exhibits and fairy-tale-style explanations of physical phenomena that all age groups will love.

Eventful Tatranská Lomnica

A cable car runs from Tatranská Lomnica to the area of Skalnaté Pleso, which is tailored for taking a walk around the local mountain lake and enjoying delicious specialities in the new, modern Panorama restaurant. Another cable car operates from Skalnaté Pleso to Mt Lomnický štít (2,634 m), which offers spectacular views. The museum of the Tatra National Park, located in Tatranská Lomnica, is happy to inform tourists about the nature of the Tatras, the way in which it is protected and how it has been made accessible to people. It is one of the most visited museums of its kind in Slovakia, with around 30,000 visitors per year. The exhibition section is divided between natural history, nature protection, history and ethnography. Sports fans shouldn’t miss the SKI museum with an area of almost 300m2, which introduces the history and development of winter sports in the Tatras from the era when the first settlements were established to about 1945. The Exposition of Tatra Nature in Tatranská Lomnica is worth visiting too. The botanical garden presents 330 precious and endangered plant and tree species, including rare alpine ones, the so-called endemic species that grow only in the Tatras, as well as several flora that cannot be observed along marked tourist trails. The main aim of the exposition is to protect and preserve previous and endangered species of Tatra flora. It even sells seeds and seedlings that true gardening fans will be happy about.

The so-called Good Toy gallery is a paradise for kids under 12 years who can play to the fullest and learn a lot thanks to amusing games and attractions. Last but not least, the park of Tatranská Lomnica is popular for various cultural events that are held there and an ideal walking location.


Poprad – Entrance gate to the High Tatras

In the town centre, Podtatranské Museum (Museum Under the Tatras), one of the oldest Slovak museums, stands. It is located in a historic building from 1886 and introduces the history of the region at the foot of the Tatras. The Tatra Gallery is very interesting too. It was created by renewing an old power plant and is thus a significant technological monument. Today, it hosts various exhibitions, projects, video presentations, conferences, workshops, artistic symposia, concerts, theatre and dance performances. If you wish to feast your eyes on magnificent views, walk up the recently opened tower of St. Egidius Church in the town centre. The tower is included in the popular sightseeing tour around the square and the church, which is offered by the Town Information Agency in Poprad. The suburb of Spišská Sobota is a conservation area typical for ancient architecture that introduces the history of the town best.

Former settlement of Šoldov – an atypical trip suggestion

On the edge of the Štrba settlement, visitors can explore the remains of the former Medieval and mysterious settlement named Šoldov, where precious historic discoveries have been found, such as skeletons of people taller than 200 cm. This is how the legend of giants living in the area came into existence. Among partly renewed settlement buildings, there is a memorial, an information board and wooden seats. A cycle route runs past Šoldov with a motorway nearby. The mysterious history and great accessibility make the settlement an ideal tourist destination.

Important information!

Tourists can travel with the historic tram called Kométa on the route Poprad – Štrba – Štrbské Pleso – Starý Smokovec – Tatranská Lomnica – Poprad in summer. Its history dates back to 1913, when the Tatra Electric Railway company bought an electric postal wagon that served various purposes until 1977. Kométa (Comet) is a remarkable technological monument that was saved from being scrapped by the Veteran Railway Club of Poprad.


The regional TATRY Card is the key to carefree and cheaper holidays in the High Tatras region. It offers unlimited ecological tram and rack railway transport, insurance for the mountains, discounts on attractions, in museums, restaurants, wellness centres and shops, updated information about events, warnings and new products in the region. The card is meant for clients who stay in the region and is available at partner accommodation establishments. For more details on the TATRY Card programme, please visit www. tatry.sk.

AquaCity Poprad is a paradise of amusement and relaxation. If features 13 outdoor and indoor thermal water pools with temperatures ranging from 28°C – 38°C, water slides and over 350 water attractions. The thermal water is derived from an area 1,300 metres deep and contains more than 20 minerals that are beneficial for our health. It helps treat musculoskeletal and breathing problems, along with issues related to blood circulation and the nervous system. It also has great cosmetic effects. Aquacity offers not only flawless relaxation and beautiful views of the Tatras but also INTERKLINIK – a health and beauty clinic with a professional team of specialists and high-standard services in the field of plastic surgery, aesthetic dermatology, stomatology, gynaecology, urology, vascular surgery and ORL.


To ensure your holiday in the Tatras is absolutely perfect, read our overview of the best summer events.

Every Saturday of the Tatra Culture Summer will offer performances of popular Slovak and Czech singers and music bands. The Sports Tornado of Štrba and a festival of Folk Crafts take place in Štrbské Pleso during the last weekend of July. Don’t miss the chance to transport yourself to Venice during Venetian Night in Štrbské Pleso on July 27. At the turn of July and August, make a trip to Poprad to see and taste everything that is Made in Slovakia. Families with children will love the ninth year of the adventurous Marmots at Pleso on the last Saturday in August and music fans can look forward to another Tatra Flowers festival in late August.

Implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.

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