People will pay more for sending letters

The prices for sending packages remain the same.

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People will pay more for sending letters and taking money at post offices from July 1.

Slovenská Pošta, the country’s main postal services operator, increased the prices for all domestic letters and postal orders, explaining that the previous fees did not reflect the real costs.

“This change in tariffs will secure finances Slovenská Pošta needs to cover increasing staff costs, the modernisation of services and the effectiveness of processes,” Eva Rovenská, the company’s spokesperson, stated in a press release.

Although the price for domestic letter correspondence will increase by 11 cents on average, the prices will remain similar to those in neighbouring countries that have also responded to the increasing costs of postal service operation, Rovenská added.

The prices for international correspondence and package services will remain the same.

How will the prices increase?

  • The price of an ordinary letter, i.e. a 2nd class letter consignment weighing less than 50 grams, will increase from €0.50 to €0.65 (up by 30 percent).
    This will impact mostly households and entrepreneurs who use this service the most, the Sme daily reported.
  • The price for sending an official consignment weighing less than 50 grams will increase from €1.55 to €1.95.
  • The price of a 1st class registered letter weighing less than 50 grams will increase from €1.45 to €1.70.
  • A registered 2nd class letter weighing less than 50 grams will cost €1.55 (or €1.50 when submitting electronically), up from €1.25.
    These three measures will impact mostly offices since they use these services for sending official decisions or various calls.

At the same time, the prices of postal money services will increase, but only for smaller amounts of money.

  • Sending €30 via a postal order to a certain address via 1st class will cost €2.30, up by 10 cents. The prices of cheques for any sum lower than €150 will increase by 10 cents, too, Sme wrote.
New prices at post offices for domestic consignments
Before July 1After July 1
Letter 1st class (below 50g)€0.70€0.80
Letter 1st class (below 500g)€1.15€1.30
Letter 2nd class (below 50g)€0.50€0.65
Letter 2nd class (below 500g)€0.95€1.10
Registered letter 1st class (below 50g)€1.45€1.70
Registered letter 1st class (below 500g)
(via e-posting)
Official consignment (below 50g)€1.55€1.95
Package (below 5kg)€3.90€3.90
Postal order 1st class (€30)€2.20€2.30
Postal order 2nd class (€30)€1.00€1.10

What novelties can customers expect?

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Currently, more than 70 percent of all e-shops in Slovakia use the package services offered by Slovenská Pošta. To secure flexibility when processing and delivering the packages, the company plans to increase the capacity of its logistics centre in Zvolen (Banská Bystrica Region) by more than 300 percent.

Moreover, the customer will soon be able to use a new mobile app and a broader network of non-stop package boxes, Rovenská said.

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