Blue cheese will be made under the Tatras

Kežmarok dairy extends production and invests €15 million.

(Source: TASR)

A new kind of blue cheese will be produced under the Tatras. The dairy factory in the eastern-Slovak town of Kežmarok will extend its production, through an investment of €15 million.

Agriculture Minister Gabriela Matečná (SNS) labelled it the biggest investment in dairy production in the last 20 years. This goes for the amount of produced cheese as well as the number of jobs, not only in the production but also in agriculture. Tami cooperates with farmers from all Slovakia.

“Every investment in the expansion of local food production is precious and increasingly important for Slovakia,” the minister said. Tami, the strongest Slovak dairy group, invests lots of finance in food production, she added.

Under the leadership of chairman Mikuláš Bobák, the Tami group combines three agriculture companies with more than a thousand cows and dairies in Senica, Nitra and Kežmarok.

The new factory will produce blue cheese.

“Consumption of blue cheese in Slovakia is growing dynamically,” said Bobák. “We have observed this trend for a longer time and view it as an opportunity to strengthen our market position in this category.”

The factory will produce cheese of the Roquefort type. Bobák assumes the project will be finished by spring 2020. The company is counting with 30 new vacancies as well as the greater automatisation of production.

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