Falck ambulance provider to withdraw from the Slovak market

The Danish company unexpectedly announced that they will not apply for licences.

(Source: Falck)

The biggest ambulance provider is leaving the Slovak market. The news comes only days after reports that the Danish Falck company is getting the Slovak branch under its full control again.

Falck Záchranná, the biggest ambulance provider in Slovakia, will not file an offer in the tender for ambulance providing licences, with a deadline today. The decision came as a surprise, since the company originally announced it would partake in the tender and gain a hundred more places to provide ambulance services.

Lowering potential risks

The company confirmed that in its press release, and explained that they have analysed the Slovak market "and its commercial and risk profile" in the past six months, with the result that they will leave and "lower the potential risks connected with running an ambulance service", the Sme daily reported.

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Falck now runs 107 ambulance stations, covering 37 percent of the territory of Slovakia, Sme wrote. The company will continue providing ambulance services until their licences, issued in 2013 and 2014, expire, Sme cited the spokesperson Ivo Krpelan. The first of them are expiring this December, including in Bojnice, Spišská Nová Ves, Prievidza, Turzovka, Bytča, Považská Bystrica, Púchov, and Detva. The rest of their licences will expire gradually by July 2020.

Ownership changes

It is unclear if the interest among other providers is such that there will be a sufficient replacement once Falck leaves the market completely, Sme noted.

The decision not to apply for licences might be a result of the conflicts between the majority owner, the Danish company Falck, and the minority owner, the unknown KPR Health Invest Company, which has sold its shares to the majority owner recently.

Falck will remain on the Slovak market in other business areas, such as the running of policlinics.

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