Bratislava’s integrated transport system spreads to Trnava

Further expansion is planned for the following years.

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The integrated transport system operating in Bratislava Region has spread to Trnava as of August 1. The current phase of the system includes the railway hub, the TASR newswire reported.

This means that passengers will be able to purchase an integrated ticket in Trnava for a local or regional train to Bratislava, and will be able to use the same ticket for public transport in the capital, explained Zuzana Horčíková, head of the Bratislavská Integrovaná Doprava company.

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Trains between Bratislava and Trnava currently run every 20 minutes during rush hour. To make the system work properly, it will be necessary to shorten the interval to every 15 minutes, said Karol Martinček, sales director of the state-run passenger carrier ZSSK, as reported by TASR.

To do so, they will have to increase the throughput of tracks, he added.

Searching for carriers

While passengers will be able to use the integrated ticket bought in Trnava for public transport in Bratislava, the ticket will not be valid through Trnava’s public transport in the current phase.

The Bratislavská Integrovaná Doprava company wants to cooperate with both the city of Trnava and the region on further expansion of the integrated transport system in Trnava Region. Currently, the municipalities are preparing competitions to find carriers who will be involved in the project, said Horčíková.

The processes are expected to be finished by 2022, she said.

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Further expansion in Trnava Region

The integration of the railway track between Bratislava and Trnava is part of the SubNodes project whose aim is to improve the quality of public transport with the TEN-T transport network and secondary transport hubs.

It will also serve as a basic strategic document for further expansion of the integrated transport system in Trnava Region, TASR wrote.

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