Average pension up by one third in a decade

How much do Slovakia's pensioners receive?

The number of people entitled to the old age pension has increased from 929,000 retirees in July 2009 to 1,077,000 today.The number of people entitled to the old age pension has increased from 929,000 retirees in July 2009 to 1,077,000 today. (Source: Sme)

Pensions in Slovakia have increased by 36 percent in one decade.

The average old-age pension was at €459.50 at the end of July. The sum amounted to €337.40 back in July 2009, the Sociálna Poisťovňa state-run social insurer's data shows, as reported by the SITA newswire.

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The number of people entitled to old-age pension has increased, from 929,000 retirees in July 2009 to 1,077,000 in July 2019. The Council for Budgetary Responsibility (RRZ) expects the figure to rise after the parliament adopted the constitutional law and thus capped the retirement age to 64 years.

The widowed and orphans

Sociálna poisťovňa sent higher pensions to widowers and widows in July of this year as well.

A widow's pension rose from €208.30 to €262.80 on average in the past ten years, which is an increase by 25 percent. Widowers received €207.50 on average in July 2019 but it was only €155.50 ten years ago, SITA wrote.

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As far as an orphan's pension goes, it went up by nearly €13 in the last ten years, to the average €134. The number of those who are entitled to this pension decreased by 10,000, just like in the case of widows.

Disability pensions increased as well

Disabled people are receiving more money from Sociálna Poisťovňa. The average disability pension of people whose ability to work decreased by less than 70 percent, at €209.70 in July 2019.

Those whose ability to perform work decreased by more than 70 percent received €379.50 on average last month. It is €75 more than than years ago, as reported by SITA.

Sociálna Poisťovňa recorded 236,500 disability pensioners at the end of July, 34,000 more than in July 2009. The number of widowers has risen, too.

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