Stropkov wants to make church tower accessible to the public

Should be open by spring 2020.

(Source: TASR/Maroš Černý)
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The town of Stropkov in north-east Slovakia wants to make the tower of the local sanctuary accessible to the public. Stropkov mayor Ondrej Brendza believes that it will help to develop tourism in the region.

“We have archaeological research, all necessary permits and a preliminary agreement with the owner, the Roman Catholic Church,” said Brendza, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

The government gave a sum of €60,000. They wish the project to be completed by spring 2020.

One older church

The tower is 37-metres high and it is necessary to reconstruct the stairs, the wiring and to build wooden stairs on the upper floors.

The brick parish church is located in the centre of the town, on a small hillock in the compound of the former castle.

The oldest mention of today’s church is from the 14th century but research shows that beneath it there must be an older one but there are no references about it, Brendza added.

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