Cycling routes in Tichá and Kôprová Valleys in High Tatras suitable for less able-bodied cyclists

It is possible to combine cycling and hiking.

(Source: TASR/Adriana Hudecová)
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There are several cycling routes in the higher altitudes of the High Tatras, the majority of them being more demanding. The exceptions are the tarmac routes in the Tichá and Kôprová Valleys, also suitable for less able-bodied cyclists.

Altogether, there are 39 marked and recommended routes, the majority of them located at the foothills.

Mountain terrain is not very suitable for cycling tourism and the few routes are very demanding. There are, for example, routes to Sliezsky Dom, Popradské Pleso and the most demanding Zelené Pleso.

Tichá and Kôprová Valleys are an alternative to these routes, suitable for recreational tourists, children and families and seniors.

See bears on the way

“It is not very demanding, it is 12-kilometres-long in the case of Tichá Valley and the 8-kilometre-long Kôprová Valley and elevation difference 400 and 300 metres,” said Lenka Syrovátková, director of the Association of Tourism High Tatras, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

A bonus, according to her, is seeing the bears living in these valleys right from the tarmac route from a safe distance. Tichá Valley offers views of the Western Tatra peaks. From Kôprová Valley, it is possible to see Kriváň. In both valleys, it is possible to connect hiking with cycling.

Syrovátková said that these two valleys are not as crowded as the central part of the Tatras, even though interest in this part of Tatras is higher than in the past. From the beginning, both hikers and cyclists follow the same path but hikers can then continue to Kmeťov Waterfall from Kôprova Valley and Kasprov Peak from Tichá Valley or from both valleys to the Závory saddle.

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