Wild canyon: Janošík's Holes

Discover a picturesque part of the world, situated 250 km north-west of Bratislava.

Jánošík's HolesJánošík's Holes (Source: One2We)

It was a time of heavy disorder and contrast.

The Thirty Years' War was over, but the rivalry between Catholics and Protestants remained as strong as the competition between Google and Yahoo!.

Louis XIV, the Sun King, occupied the throne of France. His royal court was full of fashion, pretence, gossip and tooth decay.

Charles XII of Sweden wanted to be a conqueror, but he competed with Peter the Great, the Czar of the Russian Empire.

The French Revolution overthrew the monarchy, took the king's head, and established a republic.

England created a parliamentary monarchy. Maria Theresa ruled in Austria.

The philosophy of the time was inspired by Voltaire.

The best-known highwayman

And in Slovakia, in Terchová village, a national hero, Juraj Jánošík, was born.

The Slovak Robin Hood or Wilhelm Tell, a rebel, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, died at the age of 25 with the words: "If you have baked me so you should also eat me!" and jumped on the hook.

  • It is a picturesque part of world, situated 250 km north-west of Bratislava.
  • It contains 280 km of hiking and cycling trails.
  • It is part of the Malá Fatra Mountain Range.
  • Here, the mountains are the narrowest with the deepest gorges, highest waterfalls, dotted with historical wooden houses, and the highest number of centenarians.
  • Its territory where the Slovak Robin Hood, Juraj Jánošík, was born and ran wild across the green meadows.

And we will take you there!

Discover places and tastes

We will see the tightest and most beautiful gorge, Janošík's Holes, which has 20 waterfalls.

Using mountain ladders, and steel cables, we will lead you through twisting river canyons to breath-taking views and marvellous and bizarre stone formations, like The Stony Monk, The Camel, The Crocodile, Juraj Jánošík´s bed or The Organ, and rock peaks.

We will climb to the 1,708 m high Veľký Kriváň mountain to enjoy the moment and spectacular views.

We will taste the Slovak national food, bryndzové halušky, and drink a special drink, žinčica.

We will make very special dairy products called korbáče and oštiepky.

We will climb the very first protected Slovak climbing route for a rush of pure adrenaline.

We will fly from the "peak of the peaks"or the "icon of paragliding", Straník, to adore the view from the paraglide.

We will try to find the grave of Attila the Hun, the mystical and mysterious ruler, warrior and lover, a creator of a great empire.

We will visit the Budatín castle, famous for its craftsmen who were involved in the peddler and tinker trades.

And at the end of the day, we will swim in the canyon Rieka or Šútovské jazero lake, a colourful, magnificent lake with a terraced side reminiscent of the old American West.

And we will listen to the "heavenly" archaic folk music.

Explore this part of the world with us, from our perspective, with our eyes.

One2We is an incoming company concentrating on active, adventure, bike and sport tours in Slovakia, in the unique, authentic and safe country, far away from mass tourism; offer undiscovered and amazing places, tailored-made solutions and very professional individual guiding. For more information please visit our website.

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