Threema saga: Police informed Kočner about his cases and Kuciak’s murder

Meanwhile, mobile phones were taken from Justice Ministry's state secretary and several Bratislava judges.

Marian Kočner arrives in Nitra for interrogation, August 13, 2019. Marian Kočner arrives in Nitra for interrogation, August 13, 2019. (Source: TASR)

Marian Kočner received information concerning the operations the police were about to carry out in cases involving him, such as the forging of promissory notes of private broadcaster TV Markíza and Technopol, his communications via the encrypted app Threema suggest.

At the same time, he also received information about the investigation of the double-murder of investigative reporter Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová, the Denník N daily reported. Kočner stands accused of ordering Kuciak’s murder.

The police will come to search for promissory notes in the morning, Kočner wrote Alena Zsuzsová in mid-May 2018, shortly before he was arrested.

“They will find sh*t, drink coffee and f*ck off. So maybe I will not respond for a while. But be cool, everything’s under control,” he wrote, as quoted by Denník N, adding that he received a notification about their “event”.

Then he wrote to her that “they did not have the courage for a house search” and they only called him to go to the company because they wanted to deliver something to him.

“Amateurs,” he wrote, as quoted by Denník N.

Favourite police officers

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On the morning of May 14, 2018, the police entered Kočner’s company with an order to hand the promissory notes over to them, due to a suspicion that they were fake. Kočner claimed he did not have any.

He was also searching for information on investigator Jaroslav Láska who is dealing with the promissory notes case, and in investigator Lukáš Kyselica who is dealing with the suspicion that Pavol Rusko, also involved in the promissory notes case, ordered the murder of his ex-business partner.

The communication also suggests that Kočner took a friendly interest in the police officers Štefan Jombík and Jaroslav Barochovský.

Controlling prosecutors

According to the communication, Kočner was furious that he could not control the General Prosecutor’s Office in the way he did when it was led by Dobroslav Trnka. He wanted to remove General Prosecutor Jaromír Čižnár and his deputy Peter Šufliarsky. Zsuzsová is accused, among other things, of ordering the murder of Šufliarsky.

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Denník N informed that Kočner wanted René Vanek to lead the General Prosecutor’s Office. In communication with Zsuzsová, they called him “puppy” or “the d*ckhead from Malacky”.

Šufliarsky in the past communicated with Kočner about politics and Čižnár removed him from office in the spring of this year. Šufliarsky said about Kočner that he always knew that he could not be bribed and no decoys applied to him.

Kočner complained about Šufliarsky to Zsuzsová. “Fu*k. Šufliarsky has enormous power. He is an Archdevil, the most dangerous!!!”

Vanek also communicated with Zsuzsová in the past. After Zsuzsová had been arrested, he did not tell his superiors about the communication. After the communication had been published, he left his post.

Kočner was furious about him leaving.

“To solve the murder, fu*k Jaro – that di*ckhead from Malacky will be deputy and he will obey,” Kočner wrote to Zsuzsová about his plan, as quoted by Denník N.

Vanek is from Malacky, Jaro is probably Jaromír Čižnár, according to the daily.

Recent information published by the Czech website also suggests that besides the planned murder of a prosecutor from the Special Prosecutor’s Office, Maroš Žilinka, his wife and two children were to have been murdered too.

Raid at the Justice Ministry

Meanwhile, the police seized the mobile phone of State Secretary Monika Jankovská, the private broadcaster TV JOJ reported on its website.

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Police reportedly also raided the homes of several judges of the district and regional courts in Bratislava. This included Jankovská’s sister who worked at the Bratislava Regional Court, and judge Bystrík Palovič from the district prosecutor’s office in Bratislava.

The raid on Jankovská was also confirmed by the Justice Ministry.

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