A rector hid a thesis of Ivetta Macejková

Macejková is one of the candidates running for the post of Supreme Court president.

Ivetta MacejkováIvetta Macejková (Source: TASR)

It is not possible to look at the thesis for which Ivetta Macejková, former president of the Constitutional Court, was granted an LLM degree in 2016.

A reporter of the Denník N daily was reading the thesis for some time, when the rector of the University of Security Management in Košice, Marián Mesároš, came and took it.

Macejková later said that she would not allow the thesis to be read.

The case happened only months after the media reported about the plagiarism scandal involving Speaker of Parliament Andrej Danko, Denník N pointed out.

The reporter wrote that Macejková’s thesis, similarly to works by other prominent graduates, was taken under a more restricted regime shortly after the scandal.

Rector: Macejková did not copy the text

Macejková is one of the candidates for the post of the Supreme Court president to be elected on September 9. Denník N thus wanted to see the thesis for which she received the Master of Law (LLM) degree, which is an internationally recognised postgraduate law degree usually completed in one year of full-time studies.

The reporter described how she was reading the thesis, supervised by three employees of the school. She compared the text with another saved on her mobile phone. The thesis in question was written by lawyer Alena Angelovičová, who submitted it shortly before Macejková, at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice.

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Mesároš did not consider it right. When he returned to the office, he reproached the school’s employees for not noticing that the reported was using a mobile phone and comparing the thesis to another work with a similar title.

As he told the reporter, he had heard about the “alleged similarities” between the works. Although he had not seen the other thesis, he was convinced that Macejková had not copied it and that she had been granted the title transparently.

In Mesároš’ opinion, Denník N was trying to discredit Danko and is now trying to destroy Macejková.

No plagiarism control

Although all theses had to be submitted for a plagiarism control before students were allowed to take the state exam at the time Macejková was studying for her LLM degree, her thesis was not sent into the system.

Mesároš explained that they did not have to do it since LLM studies do not follow university law. Moreover, the studies were organised in cooperation with a Polish school, which is not a subject to the law either.

The Education Ministry informed that if the studies are organised by the foreign university, it does not have to follow Slovak law. This has to be said in the agreement though. The agreement concerning LLM studies between the university in Košice and the Polish school does not mention it, Denník N wrote.

Macejková did not approve further reading

The reporter meanwhile tried to contact Macejková and ask her for permission to look at the thesis again since she had not had enough time to read it.

Macejková did not allow it.

“Your request was met, when you could look at the thesis at the University of Security Management in Košice,” she wrote to Denník N. “This is why I do not grant you permission to make it available again.”

She stressed that she had completed her studies properly.

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