Foreign Affairs Ministry summons ambassador after football match with Hungary

The ambassador must explain offences and denigration of state symbols during a EURO qualification match.

Problems occurred during the EURO 2020 qualification match between Slovakia and Hungary.Problems occurred during the EURO 2020 qualification match between Slovakia and Hungary. (Source: AP/TASR)

Incidents of offensive anti-Slovak slogans and the denigration of state symbols occurred during the EURO 2020 qualification match between Hungary and Slovakia held in Budapest on September 10.

Following these incidents, Slovakia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry summoned the Hungarian Ambassador to Slovakia, Tibor Pető, the TASR newswire reported.

The ministry meanwhile condemned the incidents and the signs of nationalistic hostility during the match.

“Such expressions are unacceptable not only in the stadium, but also anywhere else,” the ministry said, as quoted by TASR.

Moreover, such incidents are very dangerous as they have the potential to disrupt relations between the two countries, it added.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has asked Pető to request that the Hungarian governmental authorities give their attention to this phenomenon and use all means available to avoid and eliminate it.

Prosecutor’s office deals with criminal complaints

The General Prosecutor’s Office has meanwhile received a criminal complaint in connection with the events at the football stadium, concerning suspicions that the crime of the defamation of nation, race and belief has been committed, TASR wrote.

The whole match was accompanied by a tense atmosphere that influenced the fans in the stands. The sector for guests, i.e. Slovak fans, had to be divided and controlled by the police as there were Slovaks of Hungarian nationality there who supported the Hungarian team.

The situation did not improve after the match either, as the Hungarian fans were booing during the Slovak anthem, TASR wrote.

The Hungarian police have launched criminal proceedings against two people detained during the match.

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