Bratislava joins in European mobility week with discounted tickets

Passengers can save €65 on an annual pass for mass public transport.

(Source: TASR )

Bratislava is joining in European mobility week by offering discounted prices for tickets for public transport in the city and its vicinity. As of September 16, when mobility week starts, the price of tickets sold via the mobile application of the Integrated Transportation System (IDS) scheme in and around Bratislava will be decreased by 10 percent with no time limit. People will also be able to purchase an annual pass for public transport in Bratislava with a 25 percent discount.

“The aim of these discounts is to increase the attractiveness of public transport and increase the number of people using it,” Peter Bubla, spokesperson for Bratislava city council, wrote in a press release.

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People will be able to buy the discounted passes from the public transport company Dopravný Podnik Bratislavy (DPB) from September 16 until the end of the month. For example, the basic annual pass for two zones (100 + 101) will cost €199.20 instead of the normal €264.20. This means a saving of €65. Bratislava residents holding the Bratislava card, which saves them 10 percent on DPB tickets, can save €38.58 on the annual pass.

By offering discounts for public transport, the city wants to support the sale of annual passes and also scrutinise the interest of travellers in this kind of ticket.

“The capital wants to support the transfer of people travelling by car to a means of public transport,” writes Bubla. “Data from abroad indicates that a discounted price for an annual pass along with other measures supporting public transport significantly increases the share of travellers who buy this kind of ticket and also increases the share of people who travel by public transport.”

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