Most-Híd is losing MPs

Party chair Béla Bugár has rejected claims about the decay.

Béla BugárBéla Bugár (Source: TASR)

A few months before the 2020 general election, the junior coalition party Most-Híd is struggling not only with falling support, but also the loss of several significant personalities.

As some of the people were also MPs, the ruling coalition has lost its fragile majority of 76 votes in the 150-member parliament, the Sme daily reported.

Despite the current situation, Most-Híd chair Béla Bugár said that the party is not decaying.

Problems with members

One of the departing members is former MEP József Nagy, who explained his departure with Most-Híd’s failure to make an agreement with the Party of Hungarian Community (SMK). Nagy will join the Spolupatričnosť (Togetherness) movement, which supports the grouping of Hungarian parties, Sme wrote.

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Sieť MP Martin Fedor, who was only a member of the deputy caucus, is also leaving.

“I’ve never linked my future with this party,” Fedor said, as quoted by Sme, adding that they parted ways correctly.

As he explained, he has no power to fight populist proposals drafted by the ruling coalition shortly before the elections. Moreover, several coalition MPs have diverted from the programme statement, mostly in foreign policy.

With his departure, the coalition has lost the majority in parliament. It is possible that the MPs will not vote against the government of Peter Pellegrini, Sme wrote.

Most recently, Most-Híd lost another MP, Katarína Cséfalvayová, who confirmed her departure on September 16. Both the party and the deputy caucus are no longer a platform that would be able to press values she cares about.

“Regarding the approaching end of the coalition agreement’s validity, I definitely decided not to link my future with Most-Híd,” Cséfalvayová said, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

Meanwhile, Environment Minister László Solymos and Peter Antal left their deputy chair posts in Most-Híd during the September 14 party congress. Solymos explained that he wants to give new faces a chance. He was also critical of the failure to make a deal with SMK.

They were replaced by Fiľakovo Mayor Attila Agócs and State Secretary of the Education Ministry, Peter Krajňák, Sme wrote.

Bugár rejects decay

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Despite the departure of several members, Bugár has rejected claims about his party’s break-up.

“If somebody claims that our people are leaving, they are lying,” Bugár stressed, explaining that the only proper member of Most-Híd was Nagy.

Neither Fedor nor Cséfalvayová were proper members since they joined the deputy caucus only after Sieť dissolved.

He also commented on the cooperation with other Hungarian parties, claiming that an agreement with SMK is still possible. The issue is the number of spots on its slate for the 2020 general election.

Most-Híd is holding talks with other, smaller Hungarian parties.

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