Auto parts supplier Matador joins battery production project

The project should bring in investments of €100 million and hundreds of jobs.

Matador Holding is a premium Slovak supplier of the automotive industry. Matador Holding is a premium Slovak supplier of the automotive industry. (Source: Courtesy of Matador Holding)

Matador, the premium Slovak supplier of the automotive industry, is joining a local battery production project . The company announced on Monday, September 16 an investment in InoBat, which will help the R&D and battery production company revolutionise electro-mobility and energy storage in Europe. They will do so by building a unique combination of R&D centre and production line in the aforementioned sectors. Simultaneously, the companies entered into a strategic alliance for the construction of a 100MWh battery production line, InoBat Auto. It is expected to begin in the first half of 2020, providing the European Union with a proprietary battery solution for electric vehicles by the end of 2021.

“Matador Group is one of the premiere regional providers of innovative solutions for the automotive sector,” said Martin Kele, director general at Matador Group as cited in a press release. “The Group has been strongly focused on the design and development of auto parts, advanced technologies for automotive industry, and on the provision of complex solutions in Industry 4.0.”

Matador is expected to play a crucial role in the development phase of the InoBat Auto 100MWh demonstration production line, which will serve the CEE-based automotive manufacturers. Having strong and experienced engineering and project management teams who have been designing state-of-art fully automated production lines for major automotive industry players, Matador will assist InoBat Auto during the construction period. This will be with a view of playing an even stronger strategic role during the planned upscale to a 10 GWh battery mass production facility.

“Matador’s decades of experience in the automotive industry will provide InoBat Auto with proprietary access to development know-how for our planned production line as well as with access to leading auto producers,” stated Marián Boček, InoBat’s co-founder and executive chairman as cited in a press release. “Together with Matador and Wildcat, our US-based technological partner, InoBat Auto will not only provide much-needed battery independence for the European market but will contribute to the transformation of the Slovak economy from manufacturing to knowledge-based.”

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The InoBat Auto project was first introduced in July this year as the joint effort of InoBat and Wildcat Discovery Technologies. It should bring in investments of €100 million and hundreds of jobs, the Hospodárske Noviny reported.

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