Brose will employ 400 people in Prievidza

The company has also opened a new dual education centre.

Brose Prievidza will create 400 new jobs in the city of Prievidza. The firm has launched a new dual education centre as wellBrose Prievidza will create 400 new jobs in the city of Prievidza. The firm has launched a new dual education centre as well(Source: Igor Roško)

After the Brose Prievidza company completes its third manufacturing hall in the Upper Nitra Region, of which the city of Previdza is the centre, around 400 people will find a job, as reported by the TASR newswire.

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The firm focuses on the manufacturing of mechatronic components and systems for the car industry.

The third production hall is to be completed in November 2020, and the first employees are already being trained. Brose Prievidza has also opened a dual education centre in mid-September to help educate its future workers.

No subsidies this time

The previous two phases of the firm’s investment climbed to €100 million and created 850 job opportunities for people in the region. The third part will cost €50 million, Brose Prievidza general manager Axel Mallener said.

“This time, we did not ask for a subsidy because we wanted to prove that we could even invest without it,” he added, as quoted by TASR.

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Brose Prievidza was established in 2015 and its only business partner is the Brose International GmbH Coburg company from Germany, which employs nearly 25,000 workers.

Dual education centre

Mallener said Brose Prievidza has managed to find enough qualified workers in the region, also because of the dual education it is developing in Prievidza.

“We have been neglecting technical education not only in our city but also in Slovakia and as a result, we do not have enough qualified workers,” Prievidza mayor Katarína Macháčková claimed, as quoted by TASR.

Due to this reason the firm has opened a new modern dual education centre in which 84 pupils study to become mechanicians-mechatronicians and machinery mechanicians. A third study program is to be added later.

“Even when it is not easy to find workers for some positions, we have not been forced to drag in people from other regions,” Mallener claimed, as quoted by TASR.

He went on to say that they do not want to seek a labour force from other countries such as Serbia and Romania.

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