For a Decent Slovakia protest gatherings return

Several cities in Slovakia and abroad will hold events on September 20.

The For a Decent Slovakia protests will be held around the country on September 20, including in the biggest cities like Bratislava and KošiceThe For a Decent Slovakia protests will be held around the country on September 20, including in the biggest cities like Bratislava and Košice(Source: SME)

The non-violent protests, triggered by the murder of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová in February 2018, will return to the streets in Slovakia and abroad.

“We have not forgotten Ján and Martina, and we have not forgotten our demands,” the organisers of the For a Decent Slovakia protest gatherings wrote on Facebook.

Protests are to be held on September 20 in several Slovak cities, and also abroad.

“We want to prove that we, citizens, are still here standing up for our demands until they are met,” organisers added on Facebook.

Two main demands

The organisers believe that the investigation of Kuciak and his fiancée’s murder will come to its end soon and justice will be served.

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“Our first demand, owing to the brave and thorough work of investigators and prosecutors, is being accomplished,” organisers claimed on Facebook.

However, they have pointed to the fact that a number of “horrible matters” have surfaced since the murder: controversial businessman Marian Kočner’s links to politicians, the abduction of a Vietnamese citizen using the Slovak government’s aircraft, or untrustworthy Tibor Gašpar serving as the police corps president.

The importance of the second demand, a new and reliable government, is increasing with every new scandal as the upcoming 2020 elections quickly approach, they added.

“We want a government that does not have links to organised crime,” organisers wrote on Facebook. “A government that can rebuild the trust of people in state institutions.”

How many people will come?

The highest number of protesters is expected in Bratislava. For now, about 3,900 people have said on Facebook that they are going, while 11,000 people are interested.

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Organisers also want to show support for honest police officers and prosecutors, as well as for the journalists uncovering the truth, despite threats and screenings by the state.

They have also announced other protests will be held in mid-November, when Slovakia marks the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution and on February 21, 2020, the day Kuciak and his fiancée were murdered in 2018.

Cities where September 20 protests will be held

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