What might Bratislava’s urban river zone look like?

The fifth meeting of the Danube Fund Forum will focus on the future of public spaces along the Danube River in the city centre.

The third Danube Fund Forum The third Danube Fund Forum (Source: Courtesy of Dunajský Fond )

While Vienna, Budapest, Prague and Ljubljana all have their river centres completely developed, Bratislava is still more of a city next to the river rather than on the river. Now, with talks about what should be built on the banks of the Danube River intensifying, Bratislava could benefit from its delay in the development of these areas. How to use the opportunities the Danube offers will be high on the agenda of the fifth year of the Danube Fund Forum organised by the Dunajský Fond (the Danube Fund).

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“This year we will focus on the central river zone in Bratislava,” said Juraj Čorba, the initiator of the Danube Fund, as cited in a supplement of the Sme daily published on the occasion of the forum. The fund was set up as part of the Central European Foundation (CEF).

Panel discussions

Jean-Marie Stam from the Netherlands, Miro Kristan from Slovenia and Zdeněk Ent from the Czech Republic will share their inspiring stories from European rivers and fluvial areas, taking seats on the Managing Relations in River Areas panel discussion.

Then representatives of development companies, state and public companies, nature conservationists and local initiatives will discuss the coming changes in the areas flanking the Danube. These will be Pavel Kavecký from Vydrica Development, Pavel Pelikán from J&T Real Estate, Juraj Nevolník from Penta Real Estate, Branislav Draškovec from Cresco Real Estate, Jozef Dúcz from the Slovak Water Management company, Tomáš Kušík, expert in nature conservation and Gabriel Mészárops from the Association of communities for local transport on the Danube Pro-Danubia.

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Afterwards, Bratislava Mayor Matúš Vallo will take the stage to introduce the vision of the city and to discuss the role the executive has in forming the shape of the city. There will also be a presentation of a set of events and actions organised by various companies, organisations and initiatives on the Danube in June called Solstice on the Danube (Slnovrat na Dunaji).

The forum will take place in the Aréna theatre in Petržalka on September 26 with interpretation from Slovak to English provided.

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