Slovak tourists also affected by the fall of Thomas Cook

Vacationers from Slovakia are left stranded in Cyprus and Turkey.

British passengers wait for news on cancelled Thomas Cook flights at Palma de Mallorca airport on Monday September 23British passengers wait for news on cancelled Thomas Cook flights at Palma de Mallorca airport on Monday September 23 (Source: TASR/AP)

After the British travel company, Thomas Cook, declared bankruptcy on September 23, the holidays of several Slovak citizens were somewhat ruined.

“A total of 12 Slovak citizens are staying in Cyprus hotels, another group of 20 in Turkey, and a small group of 5 people is in Mexico,” Juraj Tomaga of the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s press department told the TASR newswire.

The Slovak tourists could have bought a holiday via Thomas Cook’s subsidiary, Neckermann Slovakia, the Pravda daily reported.

The ministry is monitoring the situation after the collapse of Thomas Cook in cooperation with the Slovak Association of Travel Agencies (SACKA) and Slovakia’s consulates abroad.

However, Slovak citizens have not turned to the ministry in this regard, Tomaga told Pravda.

The total number of affected Slovaks unknown

SACKA head Roman Berkes said there are 20 travel agencies in Slovakia that are direct representatives possessing a travel agency registration number and a permit to conclude contracts with vacationers in the name of the British tour operator, as reported by TASR.

There are about 80 Slovaks on holiday through these travel agencies now, but that is not the definite number of Slovaks who were affected.

“Clients could have bought trips via travel agencies without access to the reservation system, which concluded contracts directly through the tour operator and websites of Thomas Cook’s subsidiaries in Austria and Germany,” he added, as quoted by TASR.

What to do if affected

Tourists who have not gone on a holiday organised by Thomas Cook and its subsidiaries should contact the travel agency from which they purchased the tour.

If they are already in a resort and a hotel asks them to pay additional money for hotel services, they have to inform the insurance company through which their travel agency concluded a contract on insolvency insurance. Once the insurance company is aware of the situation and consents to paying the money, tourists can indeed proceed with the payment, as reported by TASR.

After a return to Slovakia, all the documents have to be submitted to the insurance company and only then can tourists claim a refund.

The ministry recommends following the information on the websites of the travel agencies concerned, including Thomas Cook’s. Tourists should also contact travel agencies’ delegates and consulates if needed.

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