In Danubius' net: boating the Little Danube

Voyage through the lowland of Žitný ostrov, the largest river island in Europe.

(Source: One2We)

The most international river of the world. Its river basin reaches 18 countries, flows through 10.

From Germany to the Black Sea.

The Danube, named after the Roman God, Danubius.

The longest river in the European Union. The long-standing frontier of the Roman Empire.

The most biodiverse region in Europe

In Bratislava, near the Slovnaft refinery, the Little Danube splits from the main river and runs more than 128 km. Until it flows into the longest Slovak river, the Váh, near the longest wooden river bridge in Europe and a floating watermill, in Kolárovo.

It is more quiet than its mother. Meandering through the lowland of Žitný ostrov, the largest river island in Europe, once inhabited by Etruscans and Celts.

It is the most biodiverse region in Europe, and is home to hundreds of fish species, where pike, zander, huchen, wells catfish, burbot, and tench jump from the water. Where on the river bank frogs dance. Where in the air above the river egrets date storks. Where in the alluvial forest stags, does and foxes flirt and prance.

One day we took a seat in a double canoe and grasped paddles to boat the Little Danube.

Row, row, row your boat...

A blue sky spread above us and a waterman’s moral imperative inside us. And it moved us to paddle 28km to reach the chaser mill in Jelka, the only three stage chaser mill central Europe.

And to greet the other water tribesmen in the traditional way.

Have a guess, did we finish our quest? Of course!

After five hours we felt we had thousands of miles in our arms. After fishing and eating our caught and halászle prepared over an open fire.

Do you know which discipline is the most successful Slovak Olympic sport? White water canoeing, of course!

But the water marathon on the quiet Little Danube is charming as well!

Let’s try it! Each year on May 1!

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