Bratislava wants more municipal rental apartments

The capital lacks 100,000-150,000 apartments with affordable rent.

(Source: Sme)

Bratislava city council wants to build, or prepare for building, 700 municipal rental apartments by the end of its election period in 2022. Bratislava Mayor Matúš Vallo announced this plan in early October.

“Over the following days we will introduce a complex concept of how we intend to obtain these apartments,” said Vallo, as cited by the TASR news wire.

In total, the city council wants to obtain 1,243 rental apartments with regulated prices. Of these, 887 apartments will be built by the city council, 105 will be reconstructed city apartments, 150 are to be built in cooperation with partners such as the biggest Slovak bank Slovenská Sporiteľňa and the house construction savings bank Prvá Stavebná Sporiteľňa and 101 will be built by developers as part of their projects.

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The city council also wants to use the apartments obtained from rehousing more than 300 tenants living in flats that have been returned to their rightful owners as part of the post-communist property restoration process known as restitution.

For the time being the city council owns 1,018 rental apartments with regulated rent, Lucia Štasellová, vice mayor responsible for social affairs and rental housing, specified for the Denník N. Most of them are already rented out but the number of applicants amounts to about 600 and is increasing.

Štasellová estimates that Bratislava lacks 100,000-150,000 apartments with affordable rent.

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“We are not speaking about apartments for commercial rentals, for example, two-bedroom apartments with monthly rents of €500-€600 that are on the market,” Štasellová told the Denník N. “At the moment we do not have any available rental apartments in Bratislava, which a person on an average income can afford.”

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