Kočner’s daughter at court: Tóth cleaned house

Karolína Kočnerová testified in the promissory notes case as a witness of the defence.

Karolína KočnerováKarolína Kočnerová (Source: Sme/Jozef Jakubčo)

When Marian Kočner was arrested in June 2018 due to the promissory notes case currently being tried in court, he left his villa in a good mood, waving at journalists.

On November 4, 2019, his daughter Karolína Kočnerová came to the promissory notes case trial as one of the witnesses and she described what happened after.

Immediately after her father was arrested, she was contacted by one of Kočner’s co-workers, former journalist and SIS-worker Peter Tóth, Kočnerová told the court as reported by the Sme daily.

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Tóth did the cleaning

“He called me that my father was arrested and it would be good to go home and clean there,” Kočnerová said, as quoted by Sme. They asked the cleaning lady to let him in.

“When he entered the house, he asked whether a camera record has been saved. I told him that it is deleted every week. [Tóth] requested that it be erased immediately. So we did, we contacted the company, which did it immediately,” she said at the court.

Kočnerová did not specify what Tóth was doing in the house. She doubted his trustworthiness, the former close co-worker of Marian Kočner who is now testifying against him. Kočner’s daughter said that Tóth has been taking psychiatric medicine.

Mr Kočner

The trial also continued with a reading of the decoded Threema messages from Marian Kočner's phone. He said that the communication is being misused for political aims.

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“I do not even know how many times was Kočner, mafioso, Threema mentioned in political debates,” he said, as quoted by Sme. “Recently, I found it entertaining on Sunday, about some politicians clearly having good manners, for example, Mr Ábel Ravasz says Mr Kočner; Mrs [Lucia] Nicholsonová says only Kočner. But her name will be mentioned in this courtroom and I am looking forward to that,” Kočner said.

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