Slovak human traffickers imprisoned for 28 years in Scotland

The gang originally comes from Trebišov in the east of Slovakia.

Victims of human trafficking are often forced into prostitution. Victims of human trafficking are often forced into prostitution. (Source: Sme - Ján Krošlák)

The international investigation team has brought a human trafficking gang from Slovakia to justice in Glasgow, the Slovak police informed on Facebook.

Four gang members have been sentenced in Scotland. Three of them, Vojtech G., Jana Š., and Rastislav A., come from Slovakia. The High Court in Glasgow sentenced them to 28 years in total, as reported by the GlasgowLive website.

“Today's sentencing is a vindication for those women who were victims of this criminal gang and of their bravery in telling us about their horrific experiences,” Police Scotland wrote on Facebook.

Four men and two women have also ended up in court in Slovakia for human trafficking as a result of the five-year international Operation Synapsis.

Apart from Slovak authorities, Scottish police, British authorities, Europol, and Eurojust got involved.

Victims from Slovakia

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The human trafficking gang was recruiting victims from and around Trebišov, eastern Slovakia. They often picked young women from poor social backgrounds, promising them a job, accommodation, and food in Scotland.

In some cases, the victims were even forced into sham marriages or forced to provide sexual services. GlasgowLive reports two examples of how Slovak women were sold to Nepali and Pakistani men in Scotland and Ireland.

Gombar, who was a gang leader, was to get €4,000 for arranging a sham marriage, one of the Slovak victims told the Glasgow court, GlasgowLive wrote.

The gang leader will serve 12 years in prison; his step-daughter Jana Š. was jailed for seven years, and Rastislav A. to nine years behind bars.

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