Far-right ĽSNS has only one MEP left in Brussels

Former judge Miroslav Radačovský says he will not cooperate with the party following an argument over money.

Milan UhríkMilan Uhrík (Source: TASR)

The far-right People’s Party Our Slovakia (ĽSNS) won two seats in the May election for the European Parliament, after winning the third highest number of votes.

Now, however, they have only one mandate since former judge Miroslav Radačovský is no longer cooperating with the party, the Aktuality.sk news website reported.

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Radačovský is not a member of the L'SNS, but ran on the party slate as an independent candidate. He will now act as a non-affiliated MEP.

The problem allegedly lies in arguments over promises made before the election.

Several conspiracy websites report that Marian Kotleba wanted the MEPs to make monthly contributions to the party’s budget. The ĽSNS deny this, Aktuality.sk wrote.

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However, the party's deputy chair, Martin Beluský, claims in a statement, quoted by Aktuality.sk, that the candidates made an honorary promise before the election to donate half of their salary (approx. 3,000 euros per month) to help people in need living in Slovakia and that the cases would be of their choice.


MEP Milan Uhrík has kept this promise but Radačovský was reportedly not happy and has said that if somebody decides to donate money they should not have to announce it in grand style. He considers it unethical and immoral to make financial donations through such a party or movement and refuses to act as a PR agent.

It is not clear whether the cooperation between Radačovský and the L'SNS will continue in the future. While Beluský said that before a crucial vote, Uhrík and Radačovský discuss how best to achieve a good result for Slovakia, the former judge has said he does not have to be advised by anybody, especially if they are younger than he is, Aktuality.sk wrote.

Radačovský made his name during the trial concerning the dispute between ex-president Andrej Kiska and a Poprad-based dentist, Ján Franc, over land in Veľký Slavkov. After he issued a verdict in favour of Franc, Radačovský recommended that Kiska resign from his position and move to the USA or Israel. Shortly after, he left the judiciary and appeared on the ĽSNS slate.

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