Police on assault case: We need not have alarmed people

A young English teacher died following sexual assault in the Bratislava port on November 11.

(Source: Sme)

One day after the police informed about the death of English language teacher Viola Macáková in the Bratislava port on November 11, they say there was no need to inform the public right away.

The police claimed that recent findings of the investigation have not clearly proven a recidivist or a serial offender attacked the young woman from Snina, as reported by the SITA newswire.

For this reason, it was not necessary to immediately inform or warn the public and spread misinformation, which would have led to mass panic and fear. The police broke the silence on November 19.

No documents

The police added their priority was to find out who the woman was instead.

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“As she had no identification documents with her, this process was considerably more difficult,” the police said, as quoted by SITA. She was identified the following day, though.

“Until then, police and other experts had investigated what kinds of injuries she suffered, what could have caused them, how she happened to be at the site and other similar information and steps,” the police said.

Perpetrators follow social media

Investigators also underlined that offenders often check all types of media in order to remain one step ahead of the police.

“We understand part of the public is expecting more information on such a serious crime, but we also ask you to remain understanding,” the police went on. “If we publish more and never catch the perpetrator because of this, we will be under even more fire than we may be now.”

The police found the woman beaten and hypothermic in the Bratislava port. Rescuers found several serious injuries, including a broken vertebra. She died while being transported to the hospital.

Investigators are working intensively on the case, dealing with different versions and collecting new evidence, SITA wrote.

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