The foreigner killed in Bratislava said to be a Serbian national

The police published a video hoping the public can help identify witnesses.

The Slovak police are still looking for a culprit who killed a 22-year-old foreign national in Bratislava on December 8, 2019The Slovak police are still looking for a culprit who killed a 22-year-old foreign national in Bratislava on December 8, 2019 (Source: FB Polícia SR)

The police have not managed to arrest the culprit who killed a 22-year-old foreigner in central Bratislava on the early morning of December 8.

The Sme daily reported that the murdered foreigner is a Serbian citizen. It is the second tragic incident that has resulted in the killing of a foreign national in the Bratislava city centre in the span of fewer than two years.

The police have published a short video hoping to find the Serbian men, ages 20 to 35, who appear in it. Yet, they are not suspected of any murder.

“The men whom the police are looking for could help resolve the case,” the police said on Facebook.

The published video does not show the attack on the young man. The incident happened near the post office on SNP Square, not far from Obchodná Street.

Dangerous Obchodná

Slovak police placed a police station on Obchodná Street to oversee public order on this street in August 2019.

The step came following the murders of foreign national Henry Acorda last May and Slovak footballer Branislav Balucha, who was killed by Timothy Nishit in self-defence after being attacked and facing racist comments on the street this year.

“We may adopt measures, increase the number of municipal police patrols, install CCTV cameras around the city,” Bratislava Mayor Matúš Vallo wrote on Facebook, “but what is the point when there are people around us who cannot control their behaviour and are able to, all of a sudden, attack a man so brutally that they kill him.”

He said that he is sorry another murder has happened in Bratislava but the police cannot be everywhere.

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