The disassembly of the damaged block of flats in Prešov has begun

Several security measures have been adopted until the work is finished.

A special machine has started with removing the top floors of a building in Prešov damaged by the December 6 gas explosion.A special machine has started with removing the top floors of a building in Prešov damaged by the December 6 gas explosion. (Source: TASR)

A specialised construction company from the Czech Republic has launched the disassembly of the top floors of the block of flats in Prešov, damaged by the December 6 gas explosion.

“Regarding the difficulty of the rehabilitation work and the fact that it is a block of flats significantly damaged by an explosion and subsequent fire, we can’t say how long it will take,” said Vladmír Tomek, spokesperson of Prešov, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

Special machine used

The damaged parts of the building were disassembled by a special machine with 68-metre long arm. It was transported to Prešov on December 13, accompanied by the Czech police.

The machine will first remove the highest floors that were most damaged by the explosion.

“It won’t be an ordinary demolition, but rather rehabilitation works with the aim of removing the consequences of the explosion and the fire,” he added, as quoted by the SITA newswire.

The Czech company also set the safety zones, in cooperation with structure analysts. The fenced area surrounding the damaged building has been widened due to security reasons. At the same time, the inhabitants of the nearby buildings cannot stay home during the rehabilitation works, TASR reported.

Both rescuers and the employees of electricity and gas suppliers are present, ready to interfere if necessary.

The police have asked people not to come up to the roofs of nearby buildings to document the work, TASR wrote.

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Aid is still coming

Meanwhile, more than €3 million has been sent to the account established by the town of Prešov to help the inhabitants stricken by the tragedy.

Moreover, several municipalities across Slovakia have promised to send financial aid to the town. Many have abolished the celebrations of the New Year’s Eve and the fireworks and plan to send the money to Prešov instead, SITA reported.

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