Harmonious and unconventional living

Residents will find a sense of community in the lap of nature.



GalvaniHOME is the perfect dwelling space for those looking for a sense of community and home. Thanks to its excellent access to the city centre, schools and kindergartens, along with civic amenities and shopping areas, are within an arm’s reach. The affordable and comfortable apartments have been constructed from stylish and top-quality materials, blending in seamlessly with their highly engaged surroundings.

GalvaniHOME GalvaniHOME

With a total of seven floors, this residential hall will include 200 apartments ranging from 34-125m² in size. The building has 11,275m² of gross built area, 814m² of gross lettable area and 814m² of gross retail space.

Location: Bratislava, Na križovatkách Street
Completion date: 01/2021
Developer: MartinDevelopment s.r.o., Prievozská 14, 821 09 Bratislava,


Eight unconventional apartments with beautiful views are located in an enclosed complex surrounded by nature. Grand Vue Villa is in harmony with its scenic surroundings, its beauty maximised by the vibrant colours of the changing seasons and its unique character - something you have only dreamt about until now.

Villa GrandVue Villa GrandVue

Comprised of three floors, Grand Vue Villa includes eight apartments ranging from 89-160m² in size. The building includes 1,089m² of gross lettable area.

Location: Bratislava, Komonicova Street
Completion date: 12/2019
Developer: MartinDevelopment s.r.o., Prievozská 14, 821 09 Bratislava,


Residence Kyjevská, comprised of four floors, offers 66 standard furnished apartments, ranging from 1- to 4-room spaces. Whether you are a single person, a couple, a small or larger family, this living space covers all of your needs. Each apartment in Residence Kyjevská will offer you something different, whether you long for a large living area, multiple rooms, a balcony, a terrace, or a garden.

Residence Kyjevska Residence Kyjevska

The apartments range from 34-85m² in size and the residence includes 3,800m² of gross built area, 550m² of gross lettable area and 550m² of gross retail space.

Location: Levice, Rybníky II
Completion date: 06/2021
Developer: MartinDevelopment s.r.o., Prievozská 14, 821 09 Bratislava,


A residential complex consisting of six detached apartment buildings, you will fall in love with PršiankaHOUSE, which provides breathtaking views in the lap of nature with direct access to the city centre.

PršiankaHOUSE PršiankaHOUSE

Comprised of 5 floors, PršiankaHOUSE includes 90 apartments ranging from 34-110m² in size with a gross built area of 7,134m².

Location: Banská Bystrica, Pršianska Street
Completion date: 03/2021
Developer: MartinDevelopment s.r.o., Prievozská 14, 821 09 Bratislava,

Residence RUŽA

This modern flat complex in the heart of Ružomberok has 28 flats with 2-3 rooms equipped with parquet, doors, tiling, and sanitary appliances, along with storage space and parking. This project is currently growing in the proximity of the pedestrian zone with a full social infrastructure.

Residence Ruža Residence Ruža

The apartments range from 34-85 m² in size while the complex has 1,517 m² of gross built area and 72 m² of of gross office space.

Location: Ružomberok, Poľná Street
Completion date: 10/2020
Developer: MartinDevelopment s.r.o., Prievozská 14, 821 09 Bratislava,


Residential house Vrakuňa provides a direct connection to the city centre. You are sure to be satisfied with the building’s proximity to the arm of the Danube, where you can relax after a busy work day.

The building has eleven floors and 100 apartments ranging from 34-120 m² in size, along with 5,700 m² of gross lettable area.

Location: Bratislava, Vrakuňa
Completion date: 12/2021
Developer: MartinDevelopment s.r.o., Prievozská 14, 821 09 Bratislava,

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